Aunt Flo
ambergreen | 07.05.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

Dear Superiors,

This sissy thought at first that a visit from Aunt Flo would be a breeze, how wrong was she. The bloating and the sudden urges to go and the pressure and the cramps. And then having to sue the pads and the tampons, feeling then slowly expand. How very overwhelming it is, the first night this sissy was curled in a ball crying, she was totally miserable and moody. This sissy now sees thing with a new light and has a very much deserved new respect for what every Woman has to go through every 28 days and how very strong they must have to be to power through it all and still get up and go everyday. If a Women has pms and is in a horrible mood she has every right to be.

sissy amber must admit that during her visit from Aunt Flo she has broken the rules of the House and played with her clitty. she has already written a confession and submitted it. she is currently being punished for her offense. sissy amber also admits by doing so she also broke the rules of her masturbation schedule. and stand ready to except any more punishment that may be added to her existing punishment.

Thank you for you valued time
sissy amber


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