sissyalexandra | 09.27.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Today this sissy completely shaved her legs, ass and tummy following the wonderful instructions provided. She apologises profusely for not doing the upper half, but doesn’t think she is ready and would be able to explain it to others just yet.

She began as instructed with the lower half, working up from the feet and having trimmed down the longer hair first with scissors. It was quite a long process as it was this sissy’s first time shaving her legs (but she has previously waxed her thighs and intimate area a couple of times).

This girl found the experience very pleasing and quite freeing, especially trying to make the process as delicate and graceful as possible, and apart from the occasional nick, everything went quite smoothly (pause for laughter). The only issue was that it has revealed several ugly scars on her legs from sporting injuries. But what she did not expect (and finds immensely pleasurable) was just how gorgeously silky and smooth her legs were afterwards! This girl immediately felt much more feminine and attractive.

She wishes wholeheartedly that she had tried it before (and doesn’t know how she’s going to stop herself from just stroking her legs all day!). If there is anything you feel is imperfect about the results this girl has showed you, please let me know and I will gladly correct it!

Thank you for your time and best wishes



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