sissymika | 04.23.2018 | Reports - Womens Studies

Curtsy! Mistresses and sister sissies…Today was this sissy’s first shopping day for her very own bra and panty set. Nervous about my decision, I got cold feet and decided not to go. Then after a while, a voice inside of me urged me to make my dream come true and just do it. After some calming thought, this sissy got in the car and drove to a neighboring city and went to Target. Once inside, and with shopping cart in hand, this sissy casually headed for the women’s intimates section of the store. There were a few women and store workers but no one seemed to pay much attention. It took sometime but this sissy finally found a bra that would fit and in the color she likes….sissy pink! In the shopping cart it went. Next on my list were matching panties..based on measurements it seemed like a size 7 would be the right size…a four pack it was with one of the panties in pink, Lastly, nylons were needed and in a short bit a pair of black sheer nylons came into my vision. Unsure of the size that would fit best, and after some serious deliberations, my size would most likely be a medium. In the basket they went and with that my shopping was complete. Heading for the check out this sissy opted for the self checkout. One by one scanning each tag. Needing a bag i asked the assistant for a bag and she happily gave it to me. With my head held how and sense of accomplishment this sissy exited the store and went to the car to go home. For me this was a very big step in the journey of embracing my femininity and sissy desires. A very good day for this sissy. No pictures of actual proof but will post some soon.

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2 years ago

How exhilarating this must have been for you!! This sissy is so proud of your accomplishment! You must have gained an immense amount of confidence from this experience! Such an inspiration to all of us!!!

Madame Stewart
2 years ago

Excellent! Do be sure to do your sissySize It Assignment – and then you won’t have to guess your sizes honey!