Wanking 101
marjasissy | 05.30.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy enjoy so much sissy special day. Made it softly by masturbating in panties, Took my time and didn´t hurry for the orgasm. “Masturbation 101” guide did help sissy a lot to do it right. Made my sissy clit hard with thumb and forefinger, looked at it and told myself, This is my sissy-clit, while sliding slack skin back and forth. Ohh this made sissy feeling so excited in panties, sissy clit went so hard. After cuming sissy did what said in the masturbation 101, sissy tasted cum from panties, sissy didn´t lick all up but hopefully sissy will learn to do that later on. This sissy felt like wanted to be a male again after cum, so this sissy has to practice on the moments after cumming to have the feelings of femininity.

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