andrea65 | 12.11.2018 | Reports - Womens Studies

Recently this sissy set out upon her second sissy shopping trip. she got up early and did her warm bath along with shaving ritual. She then donned her thigh highs,panties and bra and put on her boring male clothes as she isnt ready to out en femme yet. After arriving at the store sissy started browsing around in the womens section looking for skirts and tops and such, when she had been there a few minutes all of a sudden a sales associate came around the rack and asked if she could help me find something. My face must have immediately flushed 50 shades of red judging by the look on her face and i said i was looking for some nice skirts and tops.

At that point it was pretty much obvious as to who this sissy was shopping for as the associate asked me what size i needed and this sissy replied that i needed something my size at which a a faint smile came to her lips.

We proceeded to find a couple of nice skirts and matching tops and i went into dressing room to try them on since sissy was already obviously getting them for herself. After trying them on for size and seeing that they fit rather nicely this sissy came out of the dressing room with her wares and and soon after the associate spotted me,this sissy assumed she was looking for me to come back out,and asked if sissy needed anything else today to which sissy responded that this was probably enough for today and we went towards the register to check out,my heart was finally slowing down from the excitement by then. She rang up the items and sissy paid for them and thanked her for her assistance to which she replied she would be glad to help me next time i came in.

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1 year ago

My lord this slut just had a panic attack for you. Was it a national store? Can’t wait until this slut has the nerve

1 year ago

Oh, how exciting that must have been. I am sure your sissy juices were matriculating wildly and the bulge sissy had in her panties felt like a rocket in Her gusset pocket.