michelle-lea | 01.13.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Sissy michelle lea is now beginning to understand what it truly means to be a sissy. In the past, s.he has made half-hearted attempts and tried to fulfil he.rself on a part-time basis. Sissy now realizes that this is unacceptable. It does not work for he.r and especially for he.r Superior and Mistress. To be a sissy means totally giving your pathetic self to your Mistress—heart, body, and soul. You no longer belong to yourself. Your Mistress owns you totally. Your only reason for existence is to please your Mistress, and all your thoughts, words, and actions are directed toward that purpose. Whatever joy and happiness that sissy michelle finds will come in pleasing he.r Mistress and in perfecting the arts of the sissy. These include keeping he.rself neat and clean and well made up at all times; becoming an excellent cook and housekeeper; and learning how to kneel, walk, stand, and sit as a lady. All traits of michelle’s insufficient manhood will be eradicated by careful study and practice of femininity. S.he will submit to the training and discipline that he.r Mistress orders willingly and openly to assist in he.r transformation.

In daily life, sissy knows that s.he can only be a poor representation of a Woman and understands that all Women are superior to he.r. S.he will therefore always honor the female spirit and treat all women with the utmost dignity and respect. S.he knows that in the past, as he.r miserable male self, s.he has not always treated the Women in he.r life admirably. S.he will now make amends by daily acts of kindness to the women s.he encounters. Sissy michelle lea from this day forward is beginning a new life, and, with the guidance and training of he.r Superior, will become the sissy s.he was always meant to be. S.he hereby dedicates he.rself to he.r training and will follow the directions laid out for he.r to the best of ability.

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sissy gracie
1 year ago

sissy michelle, What a wonderful report and equally fabulous revelation for you. this sissy is so very proud to have met you and hopes to get to know you better… hugs dear

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

This is the kind of dedication all Superiors are looking for in their sissies. I’m so pleased you have had this revelation, and are taking it to heart!