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sissyabbie | 10.10.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This is not the first time abbie has shaved her body in order to appear more feminine. The first time was when she tried on nylons for the first time. The sissy’s ugly boy hair stuck up through the knitting and was very uncomfortable. So she took off her hose went to the bathroom and used her boy razor to remove all the hair from her legs. It took a very long time and made a huge mess but it was well worth it!

When she put on the pantyhose again they went on very smoothly and felt like a second skin. In fact they felt so good that she never wanted to take them off again.

This was very many years ago and since then, while abbie has shaved herself many times, she has mostly left herself in her “grizzled” state, which in the state she lives in is not necessarily considered an un-feminine condition. Regardless, now that abbie is open to exploring more fully her feminine, submissive, slutty side, she has decided to keep her hair removed or very trim and closely cropped (in a more intimate area).

The challenge is that sissy abbie’s apartment does not have a bathtub nor even a very spacious shower so constantly keeping her skin smooth and silky will be a real chore for her. But sissy is determined; after all, Superiors have been maintaining their body hair in rougher circumstances for generations. This sissy will reach down deep, grab a pair of sissyovaries and find a way to do what is required.

Again, it is all so very worth it! There are so many more sensations on the skin with all that dirty hair gone – the cool breeze, the touch of fabric (both the soft, comfortable fabric of women’s clothing, and the rough, utilitarian of that of men’s clothes), skin against skin (especially when her legs brush against each other while walking).


  1. dear sweet sister, this sissy slave knows so well what you are experiencing. you have expressed it so well. don-na is not allowed to bathe, slut must do all saving in the shower and in front of the bathroom mirror, which is then rinsed in the shower. this may help a bit? xoxoxoxo

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