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carolineaseymour | 01.14.2019 | Uncategorized

Dear Superiors

This sissy just removed all her hair from below the neck.

This sissy came back from a trip and knew she was ready to get more femme. The lights were lowered, the bath running, candles lit.

Her new Venus shaver and rise scented shaving cream was ready.

She slipped in to a Silk robe but she knew she had to ensure her ass pussy was hairless too. She got out her hair removal cream and rubbed it on to her big buttocks and between ensuring her willing gold was covered. She know had a 10 minute wait.

Tick tick 9.57 and see slide into the bath, breathing in the sweet scent.

She rinsed her bottom and ass pussy enjoying how smooth it was once more.

She slipping back and relaxed for ten minutes thinking of how she might give pleasure with her smooth entrance.

She turned to get the canister of having foam, blurring some on one leg.
Within minutes it’s shaved. Then the other. The underarms her stomach and then all the hair from her arms.

She ran her figures over her smooth body. Thinking how smooth and sexi she was.

Thinking how she will look in her maids uniform to serve a real woman. Smooth and femme.

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princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister. wonderfully done! this sissy keeps her whole body shaved also and delights in it! amazing looks from doctors or nurses when asked to strip. sissy wonders what doctor thinks when giving a prostate test to smooth butt and sissy crack and feeling how smooth and open sissy’s pussy feels. sissy mentions this to assure sister she can be as brave in sharing her sissy and lovely body to Men or Women 🙂

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

I love how you made it a ritual honey. That’s the feminine way….