shaving cream
chelscd | 05.05.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy was eager to start her training today. After joining the House and becoming familiar with the website’s layout, this sissy began browsing assignments and chose to complete the sissy shaving assignment.

The sissy needed to get shaving supplies from the local store. Although nervous about buying feminine products on her own for the first time, she worked up enough courage to buy a few pink/ purple razors and shaving cream. The sissy then went home and prepared a bath as instructed. After soaking for 10 minutes or so the sissy began to shave starting from the toes and working her way up until she finally finished shaving the chest and arm areas.

Once finished the sissy inspected herself in the mirror and reflected on what had just happened and wondered why she hadn’t done this sooner. This was the start of a new life for sissy karen and she is so excited for what the future holds.


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