jess2704 | 03.01.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has on a few occasions used Nair as her means of removing her nasty body hair prior to joining the House. She never really liked the messy process and the smell of that product so the experience this time of shaving for the first time was much more enjoyable to truly tap into her girlish essence.

As the sissy began to fill up the tub with water and poured in the bubble bath she grew with excitement, hoping to take a new step towards femininity.

Finally the tub is full and she slips in – the warm water feels so nice and as she lays there with bubbles all around she truly feels like a real girl as the lavender scented bubble bath fills the air with a sweet smell. The first few strokes with the razor made this sissy feel proud that she is truly beginning to be who she was born to. Being the first time, she did feel a little awkward at times trying to find the right angle of the razor to get every spot just right and be careful not to cut herself. With each stroke she gets better and better and before she knows it her entire lower body is done.

It went by so quickly that she decided to slow down a little and be more deliberate as she moved on to her upper body so that she could really take in the whole process and enjoy it. Her arms are the one part of her body she had never shaved before as it was the one part of her body she couldn’t always hide from the rest of the world. This sissy can’t be ashamed anymore and must follow her mistresses’ instructions so she finishes up her chest, arm pits, and arms and is elated at the site of a new hairless body.

Finally she rubs lotion all over giving her a fully feminine scent and she loved every bit of rubbing her hands up and down her now smooth legs with the lotion. This sissy is thrilled to obey her Mistresses by always being soft and smooth.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

So glad to see the ritual created and the fast track of nasty chemicals thrown to the wayside. This ritual will serve you for the rest of your life – whenever you need alone girly time, this is how it starts. Great report!