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kirtsiann | 12.03.2018 | Reports - Getting Real

Today’s report on the Sissy Lounge is a breakdown of what this sissy believes to be three core stages of feminine comportmant. She will be concluding with a typical Stage Three scenario; one of glamour, alcohol and a routine lack of forethought.

In the home, this sissy visits the lavatory on a purely functional basis. Kirsti Ann drops her hose and panties, girlishly takes a seat and begins her expulsion. After wiping her clitty, retucking and arranging herself, her day continues on.

For many sissies this is already a reflex reaction and requires no thought (feminine or otherwise). But as any lady or sissy sister will know, this does not truly encompass what it means to visit the Sissy Lounge. The true embodiment of “The Lounge” occurs out in the wilds of reality. We will call this first autonomous development, Stage One.

In this sissy’s experience, Stage Two begins out in your local shopping centre, cafe or other day-time public space. You’re out and about en-femme, no particular objective, and you need to use the lavatory. Depending on a sissy’s ability to “pass”, there is a risk assessment one must perform on which bathroom to enter. Potential physical aggression (from males) versus potential discomfort caused (to females).

Functionally this is almost identical to a Stage One, but with the added dynamic of showing a greater respect for your surroundings. This sissy has often employed a polite smile and hello to any ladies, or a rapid dodge of any men! All of these individuals are equally attempting a quick, functional visit and so extended conversation is both unappreciated and ill-advised.

As a very lucky sissy who has been blessed with feminine features, Kirsti Ann has always felt comfortable to enter the ladies lavatory, knowing that little disruption would occur. At the end of said expulsion, sissies likewise lucky enough to enter the feminine services should make like Sissy Kirsti, and use this time to touch up their makeup for the day ahead!

Stage Three is different. Stage Three is a rollercoaster and not for the faint of heart.

This one is guaranteed to crop up any time that drink is involved. Usually at a busy night-time venue, on a girls’ night out, hen do etc. Going to the lavatory will be necessary on multiple ocassions throughout the evening but (often to a sissy’s dismay!) actually using the toilet will be a very low priority. Truly, you will now experience the Sissy Lounge!

Girls travel in packs and now, as a sissy, so do you! You will be visiting the Sissy Lounge any time that one of the elegant ladies of the group wishes to go. And they will be accompanying you. No questions.

Actual expulsion is bottom of the list, superseded by gossip, resting one’s heeled feet, fixing someone’s hair or makeup, or even just to escape from a male-centric dance floor. These bathrooms are packed! A sissy’s head should always be on a swivel: watching for hazards or space at the mirror and throwing out genuinely gushing compliments like a degenerate male showering strippers with dollar bills! Remember: if there is a lady in there who’s hair, face, outfit or ensemble you haven’t complemented, you aren’t girling hard enough and aren’t welcome!

Who said being a sissy was easy??

Through hundreds of drunken nights out, Sissy Kirsti has become a Stage Three guru. She always leaves the lounge refreshed, with new friends, a drink and a freshly painted face (and not always her own doing!). That is not to say she finds herself without trepediations.

Every outfit that a sissy wears will consist of many more layers than a natural lady. While these are necessary due to a lack of feminine shape, such delicately arranged foundations can provide certain logistical issues… Nothing is quite so distressing to the inebriated novice as unnecessarily occupying the stall while fiddling with a girdle or jumpsuit, or having to recruit one of the local ladies to “zip her up”!

(…plus this sissy really likes her jumpsuits. Since when did practicality out-weigh style…??)

Thankfully the roar of the party and wide-spread intoxication provides a great buffer for the inconvenience you will cause. And, after all, you’ll be repaying each and everyone of those patrons. Every time some someone needs advice on their makeup, or a hand squeezing back into that dress, you’ll be there!

Or else. Teehee!

This sissy hopes you’ll enjoy a pleasant little picture of sissy kirsti out with her girlies! No Sissy Lounge pictures for obvious reasons!

Hugs, kisses & curtsies,

sissy kirsti ann


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