michelle-w | 06.09.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

While writing this, this sissy confesses that she is a Secret Sissy and that everything sissy she has done is (secret). she remembers first waking up to wanting to be a sissy when she was dressed as a (secret) by her (secret) at the young age of (secret) for a (secret). through her childhood she remembers frequently being told that she looked and acted like a (secret). then, she became fully aware of being a sissy when she tried on a pair of her (secret)’s (secret) at the teenage age of (secret). several years later, when she was (secret), she purchased a (secret), (secret) and (secret) and started to dress “in the closet” as a (secret). a short time later she dressed as a (secret) at a (secret) and was pleasantly surprised when a couple of (secret)s mistook her for a (secret) and asked her to (secret)’s over time she continued to acquire various items of (secret) towards making a complete (secret) wardrobe. however, she also frequently purged her wardrobe. finally, after years of internal turmoil over her desires she realized she cannot resist what she is. she accepted it and then started to acquire a permanent wardrobe that she knows she will keep and not purge. with support from sissy friends she looks forward no longer being a Secret Sissy and being able to fully dress en femme and go out in public.

this sissy feels truly grateful for House providing this training, and hopes that it will conclude with her no longer being a Secret Sissy!

michelle e


  1. curtsy and thank you to Madame Stewart:

    this sissy admits that in the time between submitting the report and the present, she has “come out” to her wife and several others. so, she is no longer a total Secret Sissy. however she is still thrilled to receive the report based upon her original status.


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