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jennibel | 10.30.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Madame, this sissy has come to understand yet more about this life You are leading he.r through. The art of tucking has been a challenge for jennibel for some time, and s.he had almost given up. Having it as an assignment filled he.r with the required motivation to make a good go of it this time.

S.he bought a pack of thongs, a couple of sizes too small for he.r and began her adventure. It took some hours of play to get things right, he.r sissy clitty and descended ovaries typically did not want to behave. But s.he perservered and with gentle but insistent coaxing he.r ovaries returned to their home. It seems obvious to this sissy that this would leave much skin to deal with but s.he was not prepared for how tricky it was to handle it all.

Once jennibel had them under he.r control s.he stretch out her sissy clit and pulled it down into it’s correct place. So far so good, but then suddenly *pop* one of those ovaries jumped out in a quest for freedom. No sooner had jennibal returned it back to place when *pop* – the other one came out.

This juggling carried on for some time, jennibel had to use some creative finger techniques to get everything where it needed to be at the same time! While s.he was doing this s.he had an unexpected thought; making this a daily activity would make h.er very aware of any changes to he.r ovaries – a vigilance which would please he.r doctor very much s.he’s sure.

jennibal sat and rested for a while, pleased he.r appearance when s.he looked down. S.he felt so girly to see no silly sissy clit flopping about down there and s.he didn’t want to move to the next phase so quickly. Eventually s.he pulled up her knickers and was happy with what s.he could see. S.he was so happy s.he tried on a few different pairs of knickers to see what they would look like. More juggling took place and soon s.he realized she was being too indulgent when there was work still to do.

jennibel began to do some house tidying in he.r tucked condiion. s.he was aware of her flat front all the time and was so very happy. Sometimes jennibel started to get excited but the tightness of he.r knickers meant the pressure of he.r sissy clit was quickly noticed and, not wanting to ruin he.r arrangement s.he made he.rself relax.

This sissy is considering the taping method for when s.he next goes out so s.he doesn’t need to worry about unfortunate sudden escapes of her ovaries and sissy clit.

Thank you Madame,


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