shoes of service
jennala | 03.14.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has been instructed in the proper mind set for a sissy slave. once this mind set has been internalized and embraced the sissy can then go on to lead a proper life of fulfillment, jot, and servitude.

The first thing the sissy learned is that every moment of the day is an opportunity for the sissy to practice submission and the skills that will make a worthy sissy slave. The Mistress/Master/Superior does not need to be present for the sissy to be working to make h.erself more pleasing or useful to the one s.he serves. Servitude begins in the mind.

While servitude begins in the mind it must eventually be expressed with the body. every posture, movement, even breath, is a chance for a sissy to show reverence worship, and submission. even the way a sissy sits still will say something about how s.he revers betters.

A sissy must always, always, always, be thinking sbout how to serve and show devotion to Mistress.

There is no one nor nothing else in the entire universe that comes before the needs and pleasures of a sissy’s Mistress.

Thank You for allowing this sissy to learn in Your House.

s.he is very grateful and hopes with all of heart, mind, body, and soul that s.he will learn to please You and that You will find acceptable, and maybe even one day, worthy.

with all of this sissy’s love,


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