A sissy serves her Superior
rissa-cassidy | 10.27.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

As this sissy begins he.r new life with the House of Sissify, s.he has begun to research and understand what true subservience of a sissy means. This means s.he is the property of h.er Dominants and must give up he.r rights to them. A true sissy will always place all tasks their Mistress/Master/Trainer asks of them above any other and with the mindset of a sissy.

To be subservient is to be an object to another. This sissy has been reminded that all women are a goddess in he.r presence and at all times in he.r mind. To be a great sissy one must always be thinking of how to please, while also thinking of how to present as a sissy so much that it’s first nature without though.

Panties, positions, mindset, preforming he.r duties as a sissy while enjoying them as well. All to please this sissy’s Dominant/owner and to be content with he.rself.

This sissy believes this assignment was made to give a sissy an idea of what s.he should strive for, in summary of what this sissy has learned today, A sissy will always be subservient to he.r Mistress/Master. Not just because it’s expected, but because it’s what sh.e wants as well. A happy Mistress/Master is a happy slave. Women are the dominant gender and as a sissy it’s our nature to treat all women with respect and make them happy however we can. Even when presenting as a man in public, this still applies.

The basic part of being a sissy is being subservient, and so being subservient is the most important part of being a sissy!

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princess sissy
10 months ago

such a wonderful love sister shows

Madame Stewart
11 months ago

Philosophically well done! Very articulate! Now for Level II, I want you to apply these ideas and submit your Report on the application.