Maid Service
ashleyray | 10.19.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Curtsies Superiors. Thank You for this enlightening assessment.

Continuing from the Etiquette Assignment, the Zen of Servitude assignment seeks to instill a constant and intuitive sense of sissy self into a sissy. Most, if not all, actions a sissy takes throughout the day must be processed in a way that the sissy submits herself to others. Over time, these actions erode the former male self to that of a humiliated, submissive self, one that exudes the qualities listed in the assignment — passive, emotional, self-effacing, giving, reliance, obedient, soft, and smooth.

This is the most important lesson: the sissy exists for others.

Years ago, when sissy ashleyrae first discovered aspects of he.r sissy self, sissy ashleyrae wore panties, makeup, dresses, played with cock shaped dildos… That was when sissy ashleyrae still had mobility. sissy ashleyrae was fortunate to be able to reach a certain level of reality in meeting a local Dominatrix, who dressed this sissy up in full feminine attire. Breastforms, wig, perfume. sissy ashleyrae even achieved the ability to sissygasm. Time progressed and so did this sissy’s disability. Gone were the white satin bikini briefs and sissy pussy plug. sissy ashleyrae no longer lives alone, and with people who are not accepting of trans lifestyles.


Mentally, through and through, sissy ashleyrae knows that sissy ashleyrae is a sissy. Rarely does sissy ashleyrae express male qualities listed in the assignment. sissy ashleyrae seek to be giving and reliant as possible, and others have described this sissy as passive and emotional at times. Feminine things bring joy, especially admiring dresses, jewelry, shoes, purses. sissy ashleyrae still wishes to suck cock and to have it fill this sissy’s pussy. And sissy ashleyrae still wishes to submit to Women. What male thinks these things? Or inhabits them in their daily life?

The assignment clarified and reinforced the strongest aspect of this sissy’s sissy self — the every day mental processing of being a sissy. What this sissy especially learned was to create a daily habit to serve Women. This sissy is incorporating that lesson by complementing women, seeking their input and accepting their suggestions and/or decisions. This sissy seeks to ensure that he.r female coworkers do not get drowned out by he.r more dominating male colleagues. Moreover, this sissy has noticed a shift in he.r thinking when a male coworker asks for assistance. This sissy now takes pride and feels fulfilled when helping the male coworker.

It also helped to be reminded that Women are and always will be superior to a sissy, even if She is not that sissy’s Superior.

Even though this sissy cannot do some things s.he can further and be he.r sissy self quietly, gently, and submissively.

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11 months ago

Dear ashleyrae thank you for sharing such a moving report, our sissiness will always find a way, this sissy wishes you every happiness xxx

Madame Stewart
11 months ago

Submissive nature starts inside, and can be done all.the.time. I know you will be able to apply these ideas soon, so be sure to resubmit for your Level II Badge when you do!