suck it up sissy :) enjoy

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This sissy slut has carefully studied the instructions for fellatio and safer cock sucking. sissy realizes these instructions are for sissy to more fully develop sissy in the arts of being an attractive, useful servant and to offer pleasure to Superiors as directed. this sissy knows sissy’s place is to obey willingly and obediently, seamlessly as sissy has been taught.

sissy worked constantly for many months using a large two inch diameter dildo. sissy wanted a diameter for sissy’s mouth that would be the largest sluts mouth could accept. sissy’s jaw got very tired and sore at the start and sissy had to work up to being able to suck for an hour.

sissy practiced licking the entire shaft, the area beneath the head and the head itself. slut fucked sluts mouth by pushing and retracting the Cock in sluts mouth. sometimes slut would do it with mouth opened wide and kept open, as if a Cock was fucking fast or slow, stopped and then wiped, wet, over this sissy mouth.

slut also practiced sucking on the Penis very stronly. slut would think only of sucking and pleasing a man as slut sucked and sissy began to have fantasies as slut sucked, think a Real Man was using sluts sissy mouth. sucking was sublime, thinking a Real Man was there and sissy pushed the cock in and out slipping it to the side of sluts check to accept more.

slut has posted various pics of this training slut has done. each picture aroused sluts desire to serve. sissy wears panties and is tucked and plugged as slut should be. it was a wonderful experience to have sluts mouth fucked and go almost into a daze feeling it was real and sluts sissy pussy pulsated on the plug. sissy is sure sissy had anal orgasms as slut sucked. it was wonderful.

this sissy is so glad for this assignment and thanks the House and Madame Stewart! sissy recommends the House directions for training to al suts sisters.


    1. princess sissy

      sweet sister. sissy is so very sorry to respond so slowly about a Real Man. yes, sissy has sucked off a Real Man. the first was in college. the next was about 10 years later at a business conference. then about 25 years ago. then a run of 7 over the period about 15 years ago and none since, I am pretty sure. so about 10 all together.

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