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First this sissy would like to thank you for her Masturbation Schedule. s.he is so great full and excited. This is why s.he did Masturbation 101 already.

Masturbation will be used  as rewards for her sissy accomplishment. This will kept her motivated to become a better submissive sissy. This sissy will only masturbate when directed to do so by her Mistress or the House Staff.

Now, this sissy understand the reason why a sissy will masturbated and they are as follow:
1. The first is control. Control of herself. Control of your male hormonal urges.
2. The second is respect for her Superior and/or the House Staff.
3. The third and most important is appreciation.

When planning to masturbate a sissy should dress, apply make up and parfume. This will bring up her femininity. During preliminaries, this sissy will caress her nipple and repeat to herself “I am a sissy girl,” and “I am beautiful,” Point to note, sissy dont have penis but sissy-clit and will be treated as such.

There is a progression to be made in masturbation skills and it goes as such:
– Elementary wanking, this is for beginner learning the 4 steps of masturbation. Getting erect, stimulation (two fingers only), cumming and post-partem.
– Intermadiate wanking, include to observe the above steps, but using a full hand during the stimulation phase.
– Advance wanking, include the four steps. Plus prostate stimulation thru her sissy pussy and use of vibrators.

The most important part of masturbating is to acquire the taste of sweet cum. Regardless of the masturbation level this sissy is at, s.he will always eat her own cum (all of it). This will allowed her mouth to move from virginal to sluttish, embrassing her sissyhood further.

Best regards

sissy kim


  1. My apologies Madame Stewart.
    I did not use the right person. I should have use this sissy and not a sissy.

    I will do better in the future.

    Best regards

    sissy slut kim

  2. Reiterating the Assignment to Us without telling Us what you are actually doing is missing the mark kim. We want to know your understanding and interpretation, as We already know Ours. Tell Us about how it affects you and how you implemented the Assignment in your life. Resubmit!

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