melissaw | 02.12.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

In a further effort to enhance her girlishness this sissy has started to practice he.r sissy walk.
Having walked in 4in heels for sometime sissy melissa felt quietly confident with this assignment however it turns out that arrogance is another male trait that will need to be expunged from this sissies being!! Mistress/Superiors this sissy is so sorry please forgive he.r for ever thinking that she would be as accomplished at walking in heels as a real female.

Sissy melissa did manage to walk the line tucked and wearing her girdle and stockings with books balanced, but the introduction of the unfamiliar 5in heels completely threw he.r off balance … literally (the swelling will reduce with the application of ice or so this sissy has been told, ooh but it stings).
Sissies calves were stretched very tight when wearing he.r pumps causing the heels to clump down and he.r to walk in a far from girlish way, more like an ogre actually ☹ this is another area were this sissy will have to practice hard to tone her body to be more feminine, wow so much to learn ☺

Thank you Mistress/Superiors for providing this sissy with the platform to learn not only the lessons to enhance he.r girlish essence but also enabling he.r to learn more about he.rself and what this sissy needs to change within he.rself to really become sissy melissa! c

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Nothing teaches humility more than learning to walk gracefully in heels! Good reflection honey. Hope your ankle feels better!