Zen of Servitude
jaiymelynne | 01.07.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy is blessed to be in this House. S.he has not yet fully embraced all the assignments or been as good as s.he could be. Today, h.er special day, is where s.he begins to really participate in the House.

Zen is the art of being in each moment. To give all focus to each moment. Each moment this sissy serves, is a meditation. It is all s.he is about. To serve.

This sissy realizes that s.he is a submissive slut for h.er Mistress (if s.he were ever lucky enough to serve one). A woman, wherever or whenever this sissy interacts with one, is treated with respect and this sissy knows that all women are superior to h.er. This sissy waits on the woman, compliments the woman, always putting her needs ahead of h.er own. A woman is an inspiration to this sissy. S.he admires how women dress, how a woman walks and talks. This sissy desires to be like woman one day.

This sissy is a chef and can cook many meals for h.er Mistress. I long to have a Mistress, to keep her house clean. To do all for my Mistress. To live only with the thoughts of how this sissy can please and serve and pleasure Mistress. It is this sissys only goal in life.

This sissy has been practicing h.er curtsy.As s.he knows this is the proper way to greet h.er Mistress. This sissy focuses on being smooth, soft, reliant and obedient to the women in h.er life. Of course, s.he has a new wardrobe of sexy panties that s.he wears everyday under h.er boy clothes. It makes h.er feel normal to do this. Walking practice occurs always: at work or out shopping, this sissy walks like a lady. At home s.he practices in h.er 3 ½ heels that s.he loves to wear all the time. Kneeling is properly done by practicing getting on my knees as I clean. And of couse this sissy sits properly, knees together arms folded.

This sissy has a long way to go. But s.he is willing to serve and sacrifice, to be a dumb sissy slut directed by a Superior Mistress in the way of proper service. This sissy lives to serve, to anticipate the needs of h.er Mistress. Serving is for this sissy the only way to live.

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