kylie16 | 01.26.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

To begin this Assignment, unfortunately i do not have a Mistress and my girlfriend does not have Dominant kinky tendencies, so i am going at this alone (hopefully i will earn the servitude of a Dominant Woman). However, this does not mean that i don’t put my girlfriend’s needs above my own. For example, on my day off today i cleaned the apartment, did the dishes, and washed both of our clothes. These actions make Her life easier. When it comes to sissy behaviors, many listed i already have adopted. In general i am a more passive, emotional, giving, and obedient person. This sissy has come to realize becoming a better sissy is more fitting than originally expected. Some of the topics mentioned in this assignment i will need to implement and work on regularly. These include wearing panties more often than when i am home alone, sitting and walking with a feminine posture, and working on perfecting my curtsy. In general, however, i desire to be the best servant i can be. Nothing makes me more happy than pleasing a Woman. In my work life i try to make things easier for the Women i work with such as by helping lift Their heavy patient or helping Them lift the heavy IV tree onto the ceiling lift. i want to work everyday to be the best sissy i can be by doing everything i can as a servant.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

I am so disappointed in this Report kylie. First you tell Me you have a girlfriend, and then you don’t respect Her enough that you wish you were with someone else. Let Her go so She can find Her life without you, if you think that you are being of service to Her by washing clothes. And the fact you are already so advanced at this training! I could tell by your Correspondence Etiquette and the amount of I, I, me me’s in your Report. Dedication and love, and not trying to change someone is the first sign of Service,… Read more »