riley14 | 09.28.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

It was suggested that this sissy start with the assignment the Zen of Servitude, after reading it a few times and reviewing it throughout the day this sissy has started to get the grasp of the lesson the assignment was trying to instill in her.

The most important lesson this assignment was trying to instill was that Women are superior in every way and deserve respect and the sissies service. That is why this sissy has started greeting every Women that walks through her work area with a smile and a pleasant tone, along with a bow of the head and upper body. She knows she can do more and has vowed to start doing more for them.

The second lesson was about the proper posture for all parts of the day, and this sissy has been trying to get better in the way she sits and practices more of how she should walk.

This sissy has developed an ok skill at cooking but can do more and learn more, she also is always wearing panties every day even though she doesn’t have a Superior to serve.

This assignment had so much information and so many things to learn that it will take time to learn them all and become great at them but that is what the act of serving is, constantly doing something for your Superior to get better at it and please them. That is the goal and this sissy is striving for it.

Yours with Courtesys and Obeisance,

sissy riley


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