Maid Service
renee-3 | 01.07.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy greets the Superiors of the Board and seeks permission to render the following training report.

Recently this sissy was caught in a surplussing at he.r place of employment and is now currently seeking a new position for earning the monies which keeps he.r family afloat. During the weeks of searching for a new job, the sissy has been very mindful of continuing to serve he.r Wife, who is unaware and uninterested in the sissy lifestyle (based on observations and comments). This sissy has worked to make extra efforts around the home and take on extra tasks as time permits. Whether this is in preparing a nice cappuccino for he.r Wife as a surprise, or taking on extra chores around the home, this sissy wants to make sure that s.he is doing everything possible to take care of he.r Wife in the best way possible.

During these additional chores, this sissy tries to be very mindful of the foundations of Servitude as expoused on this platform, whether it is in cooking meals, keeping the home clean, or pampering he.r Wife, serving is kept in the forefront of the sissy’s mind.

This sissy must admit that there is a definite thrill which is experienced by serving and taking care of he.r Wife… even if the sissy is not currently able to provide the funds for the home at the moment.


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1 year ago

Great job dear!! What you are trying to accomplish is not an easy task.

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

What a perfect lesson this has given you honey. Many “providers” don’t realize that taking care of others is actually providing, and you will realize that many people along your life path have been doing it for you, sometimes even thanklessly. That is the humility that comes from Servitude honey!