daniasprecious | 07.24.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy is reporting her findings regarding Proper Etiquette. It is imperative that this lesson is well understood, and maintained throughout this sissy’s stay at the House.

Every message sent by this sissy reflects House, and must be respected as such. This sissy will provide proper respect and humility to its Superiors by avoiding all sarcasm, narcissism, and arrogance.

Yelling , or using all caps within a message, will be deleted by the house’s mail server and be considered trash to all Superiors.

All Superiors, whenever mentioned, will be referred to in capital letters. This includes Staff. This sissy will only refer to themselves using lowercase letters, to show its lower standing within the house. This sissy will also avoid first person to promote selflessness to its Superiors and to the House.

Maintaining continuity within feMail or other messaging threads by utilizing the “reply” function makes it easier for this sissy’s Superiors to follow events happening over text.

Patience is a virtue and should be a trait held by all sissies. As a result, this sissy will allow as much time as is needed to receive a reply from Staff or Superior(s).

All of the previous rules are created and editable by Superiors. It is the responsibility of this sissy to uphold these rules and adapt to any changes. Superiors are never wrong, sissies misunderstand.


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