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jess2704 | 05.26.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

In reviewing this Assignment, this sissy realized that she has much work to do. It can be so easy to focus on the outward details of a sissy like the shaving, clothes, make-up, etc. but changing from the inside out to let the inner sissy come out constantly throughout the day is perhaps the biggest challenge for this sissy. The old male ego and motivations are so often still trying to control her thoughts and actions so she must take extra care to be deliberate in her way of thinking and remind herself of the many different things she must do to live the sissy life she needs to.

This sissy knows and desires that women are superior to her and wishes for a mistress who will permanently control her so that the sissy will more easily be able to curb her improper behavior and thoughts. This sissy desires to follow her mistress’ every order no matter how humiliating or degrading. She is here to please her mistress and do whatever it is her mistress desires of her sissy.

Some things this sissy is proficient at already – cooking, cleaning, proper grooming, always in panties, etc. – but even some simple things she must admit struggles with and hadn’t even thought much of prior to reviewing this assignment such as sitting, kneeling, and walking. These are things that the sissy is doing constantly and she has learned that she needs to keep even these simple things in mind constantly to help continue to mold her mind into being a more feminine sissy and to remember who she really is.

Following these practices will help to continue to change this sissy from the old man to the real sissy she is and allow her to better serve her mistresses and show them just how superior they are to her. Finally, she thinks the last three points of the assignment are perhaps the most beneficial for a sissy and easy to remember and always refer back to throughout the day to be sure that she is consistently serving women properly.

This sissy is grateful to the Staff here at the House for this assignment as she thinks abiding by these teachings will be some of the most beneficial in her training to be a forever submissive sissy.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Good start, great intention. Be sure to resubmit as you apply these teachings and report on their outcomes!