The rules of bathroom

yvettes | 09.15.2017 | Assignments - Women's Studies

Curtsey Dear Superior,

During passage to the toilet this slut proceeds from the way the house teaches us without exceptions.

S.he enters the room, at her home, s.he glances in the mirror to make sure that everything is not too messy. This silly slut is still in formation and does not always pay attention to her in her homework.

Then s.he lifts the lid. Descend her skirt or her pants. S.he goes down his panty. Try to sit with grace. Removes his tucking. Leads her small clitty down. In principle this slut does not need to touch it because its pathetic clitty is always down. Tightens the legs, put his hands on these knees, leans forward. And with grace eliminates. Once the elimination has ended, Sissy Yvettes, cleans with water her unuseful clitty or vagina. S.he possesses a small pot of warm water. Removes the protective towel from its panty. Put on a new towel, repeat the tucking and get dressed.

This silly slut is washing his hands. Re-make her make-up (this idiot slut dont use a lot of make-up, she only wears red and a little powder). Put lotion on this hands. Looks at himself in the mirror. Put it back in her clothes. S.he is ready. S.he feels woman.S.he is happy. She can proudly and happily return to her tasks. Sh.e can put on his gloves and continue his work.

Yvettes wishes to say thanks for learning how to properly eliminate. It is a simple learning but how important in the transformation and development of the woman mind.


yvettes devoted to the House. Im yours.

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