Zen of Servitude
alia22 | 04.18.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

sissy alia is becoming a reality, thanks to this wonderful House and Superiors. One week in the House made h.er understand how badly s.he needed training to become a real sissy. S.he went through the Zen of Servitude information a dozen times and understood well the difficulties in becoming a good sissy. Prior to joining the this great House, s.he thought worshipping Real Man’s cock and growing tits are definition of sissy. Now s.he changed completely. The House made h.er realize that a real sissy should not be having any feelings, or thoughts other than serving Superiors. S.he has to worship Women without any inhibitions.

To this effect, sissy alia started participating in doing the house chores now. For last one week, s.he took the full responsibility of cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the home, cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry. This is a complete shock to the sissy’s wife as this has never happened before. Sissy’s wife is very happy but could not understand the cause for this sudden change. Hope one day this sissy can explain her everything.

Sissy is wearing wife’s panties (when she is not home) and practicing the walk, sitting, kneeling aspects. This worthless sissy trying hard but still ways to go become good at them. Sissy is begging Superiors to forgive this dumb sissy and give h.er more time to practice.

Thanks to the House, this dumb sissy got enough courage to introduce sissy alia to one of her friends. That friend got shocked at first but becoming supportive of me becoming a good sissy. Sissy hopes that one day she can do the same with Wife.

In short, sissy alia has began her sissy transformation both psychologically and physically and s.he excited beyond words with the real opportunity to become a true sissy of her dreams.

With lots of hugs and kisses,




  1. This sissy likes the ideas of this report. But she never wore wife’s panties even she wasn’t divorced. So she eliminated completely all male habits, clothes and shoes to be a woman she always wanted to be.

  2. Big realizations in this report. But come closer. Let Me tell you something that is very important. If you wear your Wife’s panties, She will know something is amiss with them. Be it the elastic, where they were placed, the stretch of the gusset…. Women know Our panties! So if She doesn’t already know you’re a panty wearing sissy, then She will soon enough. Get your own girl! Be safe!

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