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In this report, this sissy is going to express and explain how and why she is shaving her entire body. As all good sissy’s should be, this insures a smooth and clean sissy body for it’s Superior.

To begin, this sissy ran a bath and used a sweet bubble bath ingredient to insure that there is a nice aroma and oils to soak in.

This sissy also set up a aromatic oil diffuser with essential oils for aromatherapy. This to help with reducing stress, uplifting of mood, not that this sissy needs to be uplifted as today is also her special day and this sissy will be so wonderfully relaxed as she soaks because there will be sissy hypno plugged into her headphones which will give a little stimulation as this sissy will slowly build her orgasm up for hours before she actually allows herself to cum.

It’s time for bath and sissy allows herself to slide into the tub, it is very warm and the “ladies room “ is so very nice and clean and set up for sissy.

As this sissy soaks, she is listening to sissy affirmation. As she soaks, she softly plays with her sexual opening, which will also be closely shaven. There are several butt plugs and dildos laying around the tub for use.

With the lights down low, this sissy enjoys looking around her “ladies room “ with the pink shower curtain, pink towels, pink toilet covers. There are many different items that are very specifically for use by this sissy. The vanity is covered with makeup, lotions, nail polishes, every thing is just entirely feminine and this sissy Loves the overall effects of pure Womenhood being everywhere. Even the sink is being used as currently soaking in a batch of Woolite are the weeks worth of pretty pink panties. Even the Woolite bottle is pink.
While soaking, this sissy is also being immersed into a world of sissyness, leaving as much of it’s maleness behind, luxuriating in sissy pleasure. So very happy and proud to be a sissy girl. As she begins to shave by squirting out a glob of her Pure Silk raspberry mist shave cream, which this sissy loves to use as it smells and feels so very wonderful as it seems to caress this sissy’s legs in sheer femininity.

Taking the Ladies Venus Women’s razor, pink in color of course, this sissy, begins first on one leg, taking extra special care not to cut or nick, sissy removes the yucky ugly hair and her leg feels so smooth now. With a huge smile on her face, this sissy begins her other leg with the same extra care. As this sissy gets up close to her anus, she knows that this will be a very wonderful place to shave as her area around and between her legs is very important. With a butt plug in, she knows it must come out to do the job completely and as this sissy begins to pull, her tiny sissyclitty is now coming to life.

Still this sissy smiles as she begins to shave around her anus and crotch area, first slathering on the smooth shave cream and gently shaving her entire area. Once finished with this area, this sissy drops back down into the bath and runs her hands all around, checking for any hair. this sissy reinserts her butt plug and momentarily allows the feeling of penetration to overwhelm her mind as the thoughts of having a Real man take her sissypussy fills her with joy and happiness.

Coming back to present, this sissy did not cum and only spent a few seconds in her fantasy as this sissy understands, she has a job to do and right now, it’s shaving her body. First a little luxuriating in the warm waters and covering up the upper body to help with her project. This sissy laughs now as she try’s to fit into the tub. To help, this sissy has covered up the overflow drain of the tub to facilitate the higher level of water needed. As this sissy is over 6 feet tall, most tubs do not really fit so this helps as long as the water never gets too high and really overflows the tub. Now back to shaving as this sissy lathers up her stomach and chest and oh so very carefully removes all of the hair.

This sissy has always taken an extreme liking to the shaving of her armpits and today is no different. For years, this sissy has shaved her pits and many a time it would turn into an erotic experience as her clitty would get hard when ever she shaved her armpits. With this sissy’s sissyclitty now reacting to it’s environment, it grows and slowly this sissy begins to stroke it. Only for a few seconds though.
With the shaving now completed, after of course, shaving her face too, this sissy returns to the warm water as the now mixed water, oils, lotion feels so wonderfully smooth and soft as this sissy caresses her body. Using a loofah glove she cleans her entire body.

As this sissy is alone and her S.O. is out visiting her mother, this sissy takes a very serious attitude about checking the job she did and while feeling so very happy and wonderful in the tub, she also runs her fingers over and around every inch of herself. Finding a few areas in need of extra care, this sissy again gently takes hold of the razor and softly gently finds those areas and removes any leftover hair.

Smiling now, this sissy tells herself that she has done a wonderful job. Now this sissy begins to speak to herself out loud.

Yes, this sissy wants to set her inner girl free!’

‘this sissy is calm and ready to accept her inner girl.’

this sissy is not a man but is a submissive sissy

this sissy is a beautiful sissy

this sissy loves to be a submissive sissy

as a sissy, all hair is removed from it’s body.

As this sissy drains the tub, she watches all the hair flowing down the drain and thinks to herself, there goes your manhood, sissy, down the drain. As this sissy has shaved her legs and body many times, it is always a very special and wonderful experience as she runs her fingers around her hips and legs, smiling all the while.

This completes this sissy’s report on shaving.


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