jogapher | 02.26.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This is sissy’s first real assignment and was ready to learn. It was incredibly gripping to learn so much about the inner-workings of showing respect and understanding how any Superior functions. This sissy, unfortunately, does not have her own Superior as of now but is still eagerly practicing these behaviors, even after the lesson ended.

This lesson is exceptionally eye-opening in ways to serve, with proper posture, and an open-minded way of thinking, something this sissy has never really thought of before.

Even after only a couple of hours practicing kneeling and sitting, She could already feel the difference, feeling more in tune with her surroundings, ready to please whoever would ask her to do anything, no matter how trivial or significant.

This sissy even started walking in heels and has the same three questions on her phone screen, to remind herself that she should always work to put his Superiors and any other Women above her self. Even though this is the first lesson, it felt as if it did a lot of good, and pushed this sissy slave towards a more helpful attitude, and is only just the start

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princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister. sissy thinks sister is showing great respect to the concept of servitude. congratulations. the House instructions behind this badge are worth reading and re-reading. sister is so happy to see sisters progress.

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent start! Excellent intention!

Now be sure to resubmit when you can apply these ideas honey. There’s 3 levels of badges and you received Level I