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This sissy sometimes needs to be hit with a 2×4 and she means up side the head and not on her sissy bottom. While this sissy considered herself smart, it appears she is sorely mistaken. Which brings us to this report. This is going to be this sissy’s report on the Zen of Servitude.

It is something this sissy truly needed. To be able to see what she was missing and have it be so obvious is an incredible statement of just how much improvement this sissy needs. It was right there all the time but this sissy only thought of herself.

Being a quasi sissy for so many years has been a detriment to growth for this sissy. this sissy has been a “submissive” sissy for a good 30 years. A sissy on her terms and not of anyone else including any S.O. that have been in her life. As a young person, this sissy would of course dress up, look for cocks to suck, even at one point having a beard and mustache while wearing sissy clothes. Now any self respecting sissy would never have a beard, so it was always on her terms and usually for instant gratification and once her nut was released, all sissyness gone. There were many purges through it’s life that only created a burning need, a desire deep inside to become the submissive sissy again.
It hasn’t been until recently, being more and more sissy, has this sissy realized she was truly much more than she had ever achieved before.

Since joining The House of Sissify, this sissy has been doing a lot of thinking, which for a real sissy shouldn’t happen, but due to the fact that she was not really living up to her sissy potential, caused her to look deep inside of herself and has gradually been seeing so many errors of her ways.

Firstly and mostly, most of her time was spent looking for ways to “get off” and not to learn how to bring out the real sissy inside of her by learning how to and controlling her silly selfishness and self-indulgent way of being. Having a schedule for this sissy to follow for her release has been a relief in itself. this sissy now is learning to look past the instant gratification of her usual self manipulation and to spend her time working on improving herself.

One of this sissy’s real needs, is finally becoming a submissive sissy for her S.O. and deciding when and how to allow Her to see this sissy as it really is, a pantywaists submissive that needs to be more attentive to Her needs.

This will mean this sissy will have to “come out” to Her. As She knows about this sissy’s wearing of Women’s clothing, what She doesn’t know is the fact that this sissy Is a sissy. A submissive sissy and one that truly needs to be Her sissy.

In most of history, being a sissy has always been a very pejorative term. A condescending and inflammatory description of a very effeminate male, one that is worthless, that does not show any qualities of a “Real Man” one that nobody wants to relate to. However, in this case, being a sissy, at least for this sissy, is a 100% positive affirmation.

this sissy has always been very proud of being considered a sissy and Loves hearing her called a sissy, in fact, will make sure that all know she is a sissy. To this sissy, it is an honor to be and a very lofty but yet attainable goal in her life to become the very best sissy she can be. A year from now, this sissy will say it is so very good that you started today.

A very famous motivational speaker said this years ago:

“You can conquer almost any fear if you will make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.” — Dale Carnegie

For this sissy, becoming a good submissive sissy means to be more in tune with what and how this sissy’s Superior thinks. While using her time by contemplating what it means to be a submissive.

Servitude must become unrelenting and all encompassing for the sissy. It is the actual servitude that this sissy craves. It is the pleasure and satisfaction of doing a good “job” it doesn’t matter what the “job” is.

As a sissy in a relationship with a S.O. Who doesn’t know how Her life would be so very much better if She looked into this dynamic of Dom/sub relationship, it is now on this sissy’s shoulders to begin to slowly allow this to grow. this sissy knows if it keeps improving Her life and the world She lives in, it will soon be apparent that having this submissive is a truly good thing for Her and little by little, this sissy will be able to also grow into the real sissy that she has always imagined it could be.

The only true way for this to happen is for Servitude.

For this sissy to believe in herself and allow her inner sissy to show, by obeying Mrs. as soon as this sissy curtsies before Her, She is going to know something is up anyway, so time to move sissy. Time to stop with all the BS and do what is right for Her! Time to become the best sissy you can be.

Thank You Madame Stewart.
Thank You Superiors of The House of Sissify.
Thank You Staff of the House.

It has truly been an honor and a privilege to have been able to express this sissy’s thoughts and feelings regarding a very wonderful and special and extremely important focus on life for all sissy’s

sissy gracie

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Time to become the best sissy you can be!