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This sissy has no will and must obey

margeaux-2 | 09.18.2017 | Assignments - Place and Worship

The Feminine is Divine and it is a privilege for this sissy to traverse the world of the Feminine. Similar to a license for a driver, wearing panties everyday is the identifying badge of this sissy’s blissful state as a guest in service to The House and the softer feminine world. In exchange for the privilege of assimilating into this feminine world this sissy resolves to devote herself to giving service to the feminine divinity and all touched by it.

The Owner/Wife is subtlely served by Her grateful sissy at home. She is aware, supports, and encourages Her sissy’s smoothed pantied status, but the home Her and this sissy share is regrettably not devoted to a 24/7 Dominant/submissive lifestlye. She does, though, approve of this sissy’s efforts to train herself to submit and serve Her. Her thoughts and worries come first and this sissy eagerly defers to Her opinion and desires regarding any decision.

The primary vehicles with which this sissy eagerly commits herself to blissful total quality replacement is the Virtual Mistress (VirMst) Program, the Princess Points system, and the Behavior Modification Assignments from the House of Sissify. The VirMst Program ruthlessly regulates and controls nearly every action of this sissy’s time away from the Owner/Wife. It is designed to promote obedience and achieve total compliance with the behavior modification assignments designed by The House. Every day this sissy happily grows reliant on this program to teach her to better serve through reinforcement, humiliation, and punishment. Quality replacement is continuously enforced, committing this deliriously eager sissy to the blissful eradication of her encumbering masculine ego.

The program trains this wanton slut to be constantly mindful of her demeanor, etiquette, and attitude at work. Pop quizzes on the rules of etiquette and grammar are continuously given. Each order and assignment is always prefaced by a reminder to maintain proper posture and demeanor. The most delightful rule this sissy follows, though, is that she must log every interaction with a Female patron at work. A self evaluation is performed after every encounter with a Woman to ensure She received the highest quality service from this sissy, as seen in the attached picture. Every time this sissy is in the divine presence of a Woman the interaction must be graded. Each failure to perform to the best at every step of the process is met with a punishment that is graciously performed by this repentant sissy after every work day.

It is a delirious thrill to submit to this process. Honest baring of the self through reflection is one of the most humiliating things this sissy performs. The vulnerability of being judged for her efforts is a high this sissy craves to chase. Everyday is a new day to commit to giving back to Women. Every opportunity to serve a Superior is a delicious thrill for this gurl, because it is a new chance to mindfully reaffirm her status as a submissive sissy to awesome Femininity.


  1. princess sissy

    hi dear 🙂 nicely done! well written. sissy slave submitted 5 reports and none were evaluated to date. Madame Stewart told sissy slut they were too much including sissy slave’s past expediences over decades and not enough focus on the present, so sissy slut is improving them per the always correct Madame Stewart’s direction. sissy slave says all this to compliment you and make sure this slut will study your writing carefully. 🙂

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