brandis010 | 08.14.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has come to realize that there is much to learn on the sissification journey. This sissy has been in the dark seeing herself in only a dirty slut lens. A condition, this sissy believes that comes from watching pornographic material from the age of 8 to fill the void of her deceased mother. I feel ashamed of this view point and that is why this sissy is here. This sissy wishes to condition herself into a healthier mindset of servitude.

This sissy has learned the rudimentary techniques and posture to better serve her Superior. From acting coy in the presence of her Superior to kneeling graciously. This sissy has also learned of herself, that she is already well in the practice of keeping a tidy home, creative cooking, effective deep tissue massage, a happy and gregarious host, and a hunger for both cunnilingus and fellatio. This sissy is ecstatic to report she is proud to have come this far on the spectrum of sissification.

This sissy is aroused by the thought of wearing her panties to work, as her job is one predominantly male. This sissy is concerned whether she will be able to walk as she is instructed to do as her job is fast paced and a lot of the time emergency based service work. This sissy will do her best to walk the line and always stay intuitive with her Superior as time moves forward.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Yours truly,

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