Serve your Superior!

Training in Servitude

runningwild2010 | 02.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Today sissy began practicing the Zen of Servitude. sissy learned that there are two particular qualities that i need to practice eradicating. the first is stoic; i need to be much more emotional. the other is commanding; i need to be obedient and let others have their way instead of insisting upon my way.

i have always cried at certain things, for example i can’t help but tear up at the end of Toy Story 3. i am going to try to draw upon this emotional state as i interact with people.

Commanding is going to be a bit harder to eliminate. i am the boss at work and i need to figure out ways to give others more control & being submissive to others.

i desperately want to be a girl, and while this is my first day down the path of sissihood i hope i can find ways to be more feminine. i am not sure i can completely do this on my own. this is why i look forward to my membership to Sissify.


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