punished sissy
traitor13 | 07.19.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Thank you so much for reminding the sissy of it’s true essence. This sissy strives to be a good little submissive pet and understands that its sole purpose in life is to serve and obey any and all Mistresses and Masters. This sissy has begun to discard male underwear and is making room for my prettier delicates. I’m working these delicates into my daily wardrobe and feeling more feminine as each day goes by… This sissy is always respectful of all Women in her daily life and will continue to show its respect to all Superiors. This sissy will work hard to be the best little sissy servant it can possible be. This sissy will remain humble and on its knees awaiting its Superiors’ next command to please and serve. Sissy lauren takes her punishment like a big girl and strive to perform better each and every day.

Submissively Yours,
sissy lauren


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