agnes | 04.01.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors and Mistresses of the House,

This girl agnes joined the House a couple of days ago and she read about training assignments. This girl learned about the importance of tucking this girl‘s clitty properly. This girl was wearing panties for many years but she never tucked her clitty but did wear it comfortably upwards. At first this silly girl did not fully understand the rule and the purpose of tucking, especially as her Mistress likes this girls clitty erected for her pleasure. But when Miss agnes is not with her Mistress her clitty must never be erected and now she is under the Houses rules and control as well. This means that agnes must comply with the House rules about tucking miss clitty.

This girl tried tucking just with a pair of full cut nylon panties, as Mistress likes them the girl to wear. But those panties do not tuck a clitty tightly. This can be seen on the first picture. On the second picture there is a second layer of nylon panties. Then this girl added a third layer of a nylon pantyhose, it really keeps clitty downwards. The fourth layer is a rigid pantygirdle, that restrains the girl nicely. It is tight on the waist, flattens the belly and keeps that little clitty down between the legs.

This adds to a more girlish attire, which is desirable.

tuckedBut only a few days of being tucked properly also make another change of the girl. Girl feels more girlish and more submissive when she is tucked. Being tucked is a constant reminder of the girls place. This girl needs to be put into her place and strict tucking seems to be an effective measure. When a girls clitty is free to move in the girls panties it gives the girl a sense of freedom she should not be granted to enjoy. This girl doesn’t need freedom. This girl needs to be subjugated. This girl agnes needs restrictions and rules to comply with, so she will benefit from a strict regiment of tucking.

tuckedThis girl also realised that a slight arousal tingles very differently for a tucked girl (at least for agnes). With the naughty little clitty restrained between her legs the sensation seems to come from the inside, like just the opposite of how the tingling feels when clitty is allowed to be erected. This girl doesn‘t find the right words to express what she means… but definitely tucking makes a sissy girl to feel more feminine.

This girl agnes humbly lowers her head and eyes, grateful for the lesson she learned and further lessons she will be taught.

Me politely curtseys, hoping this assignment report will find the benevolence of her Superiors
May it help other girls to understand the meaning of tucking better.


  1. What a wonderful tucking report! Nothing makes Me and the Staff happier than when a sissy understands the intent of the Assignments, and can describe how her psyche has been affected. What a difference a tuck makes! That’s one of the main reasons it’s so important for House Standards, as We want you to forget you have one – not exemplify it! You’ll look great in your tight skirts honey.

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