christinaj73 | 12.07.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Today sissy chrissy worked on perfecting the tuck. sissy understands that this is a fundamental and very important skill to get right. As the assignment points out, nothing could displease a Superior more or look more unsightly than a bulge poking through a sissy’s panties. The little sissy clitty must be tucked as well as possible to create a smooth feminine look in a sissy’s panties and under everything she wears.

After shaving this morning and applying some light makeup for the day, chrissy searched through her panty drawer for her favorite pair of Victoria’s Secret pink lace panties. Although a bikini cut, chrissy has found they work pretty well for tucking, at least for this sissy. As chrissy tries to stay well hydrated and wear panties everyday, she is usually not able to attempt the taping method. To begin, chrissy tucked her descended ovaries back up inside the cavities to where they belong and need to stay at all times. Next chrissy pulled her little sissy clitty back towards her buttocks, careful to keep all the excess skin back in its place as well. Then chrissy pulled up her pink panties and made final adjustments to make sure everything was well tucked while creating a smooth front in her panties.

sissy chrissy thoroughly enjoys wearing tight fitting skirts, dresses, lingerie, leggings, and even skinny jeans. Having a smooth feminine panty area is very important for presenting the proper sissy image. chrissy understands why perfecting the tuck and keeping her little sissy clitty tucked everyday is so important.

Thank You Madame Stewart and Superiors of the House for this assignment. This sissy hopes her report will be met with Your approval,

*curtsy, with all respect and adoration, chrissy


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