jaiymelynne | 01.07.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Tucking is of the utmost importance to this sissy. S.he begins everyday, if s.he’s not home dressing and practicing (well of course then, too) by putting on a pretty pair of panties. S.he takes much time pushing and prodding that little clitty into place. It is no trouble, s.he enjoys it. It lets h.er know how that s.he is not a man. S.he is a sissy and has a specific place in this world. First to be a sweet, submissive sissy. Tucking is the first step. It reminds this sissy just who s.he is. Second to find a Mistress to train h.er to be the best sissy s.he can be. This may take time. This sissy has obstacles to overcome. But with patience and guidance, s.he will become a sissy any Mistress would be proud to own.

tucked tightIn tucking, s.he is careful to place the balls down low, with the clitty (penile tissue) tucked in behind. So far s.he has not had trouble, as the panties are on the small side. This sissy is prepared to take other measures to secure the clitty if necessary. This sissy enjoys tucking h.er clitty, it makes h.er happy to think s.he is on the road s.he is meant for.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Well done tuck honey!