jennifer-14 | 05.13.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy jennifer bows to your superiority and curtsies because it is a sissy.

sissy jennifer has been working hard on it’s tucking assignment, tucking almost every day. rather then think of reasons why it should not tuck, sissy jennifer thinks of reasons why it should be tucking everyday, thus ensuring a greater effect and improving compliance. sissy jennifer starts each day with a shower, ensuring it is smooth and then lotions it’s body. the lotion is a combination of pleasures lotion by Estee Lauder, Lubriderm and another lotion. by adding the Pleasures lotion to the other lotions it gives the lotion a flowery scent, marking sissy jennifer as a feminine, not a male. after lotion sissy jennifer, steps into a pair of Vanity Fair Ravissant panties, sissy jennifer pushes it sissy ovaries into their cavity and pushes it’s sissy clit back between its legs, and pulls the panties up higher securing everything in place. sissy feels the elastic of the legs and marvels at how different it feels vs cotton male underwear and how it feels to be tucked. sissy can see her little sissy feminine triangle pubic hair and loves how it looks, so feminine. sissy jennifer then pulls on pantyhose further holding everything in place. sissy loves to see the cotton panel in the pantyhose panty, so pretty and sexy, hiding a little suprise. as a side note pantyhose are really hot in warm weather, but they do make ones legs feel silky smooth and add color. making sure everything is in place sissy jennifer pulls on a high waist girdle, further crushing its sissy ovaries and flattening it’s front. sissy jennifer can smell the flowers of the lotion. Not quite full on perfume, but enough to call notice to the scent sissy jennifer is wearing. sissy jennifer pulls on pants, cannot say trousers because that is what real mean wear. sissy jennifer notices the silky lining of the pants and also how sissy is slightly shaped differently. Pants sit higher on waist and butt is shaped. sissy jennifer notices no bulge in the front and (s)he likes it, it is who sissy jennifer wants to be.

Over time sissy jennifer has noticed two things, 1) no one is really looking at your crotch. no real man would, because men do not look at other men’s and especially sissy crotches, they are looking at women’s crotches. knowing this sissy jennifer thinks who cares if someone does notice he(r) flat crotch sissy jennifer likes how it looks and 2) the more sissy jennifer tucks the more natural it feels and the less natural having an ungodly bulge in front feels. sissy jennifer can feel the changes occurring as to the image it projects, it may be sissy jennifer’s imagination, but sissy even believes it may be changing how it walks, probably the girdle, but can swear sissy jennifer is wiggling it’s butt.

overall tucking is becoming more and more a daily habit that is not feared, but looked forward to and accepted this is who sissy jennifer will become.

may all the Superiors here be blessed for you support, sissy jennifer again bows to your superiority and curtsies accepting (s)he is a sissy.


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