Tucked in Panties

Tucking an Untuckable – Smashing Idea

femmiedebi | 01.09.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy slut read about tucking, but there isn’t much to pull back, as it is clittie sized and nothing anyone born with XY chromosomes would be proud of. After shoving my eggies up into my body, this slut proceeded. The answer to my small size, besides providing laughter for a Superior, lay in pressing it inward and taping a maxi-pad over it. Strips of surgical tape were used to flatten it and keep this slut’s clittie in place. This slut’s clittie could not move! This also made for a bit of a chastity device, as well.

Thank You for allowing this slut too express her remedy.

Respectfully and submissively,



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