Proper Correspondence Etiquette
michelle-looking-for-a-husband | 09.21.2017 | Assignment Reports

All new sissy’s to The House of Sissify must have a proper understanding of the rules and regiments to achieve their set assignments goals and rewards for complete feminization. The new sissy must obey the etiquette when presenting all material to her Superiors by making sure she uses proper usage of capital letters when addressing her Superior’s such as in this written report. The sissy must also knowlege the sissy has no right to change her planned training and disciple, and that her Superior’s are The Masters, Mistresses, and of her sissy learning domain. The sissy will never speak in any form of resentment by way, by ways of making ignorant and, or sarcastic remarks in writing, or other means, thus also complying in the knowledge that she has no ability to speak above, against, or critique over The School and its Teachers. Sissy’s must obey and have ability to correspond with Teachers, Administrators, and Mistresses, without making any first person written, verbal, or photographic presentation of themselves; i.e I, my. A sissy who does not comply with the standards of etiquette shall be ignored for their belligerent male attitude and thus shunned away from achieving success in the school.

Selfish sissy’s shall be not tolerated by any means, for reasons, of not including capitalized titles when addressing appropriately to their Superiors, using capitalizations by no means as it is a form of shouting, and thus cannot be accepted into the addressing one’s self in form of, I, or me. In any case the sissy must be quiet at all times and must not be impatient to her Superiors teachings.

With all girl good attitudes, tomorrow you can start your way of being a true sissy cock sucking wife.

This was my first report Superiors. Hope it was on parr with your standards.
Until then Love “kisses”

michelle looking for a Husband.


  1. Good rues to follow 🙂 It was especially enlightening to read about how you’ll avoid being sarcastic and/or resentful in speech. ts like practicing good etiquette also promotes a good mindset 🙂

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