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kaori | 10.04.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

Please note that first language of this sissy is not English, so the report will not be perfect on a grammar level. This sissy would like to apologize in advance for that situation.

Thank you to all the Superior of the House, for giving a chance to this sissy to bloom here.

Today is the day that kaori will try to explain what is etiquette and why it needs to be enforced. Etiquette is the proper way to talk in the House it served as a discipline tool. It is clear that the way that the standard is there to impose strict rules so it gives a methodology and set a standard for the next step of training. It also set Order and law by the respect and other with the strick form and the distinction of the sissy and ‘T’he Superior. The Uppercase letter to the name and function of the Superior versus the lowercase is there to show the difference in status and assigned place between sissy and Master, Mistress and Superior.

But there more, the etiquette is there to lead the sissy only to humility and servitude. The remove of I of any sentence has a great impact on the development of the sissy as it makes it almost impossible to think for herself and so prepares her to serve.

The effect has taken effect on this sissy and s.he happy that the Superior did put in motion this etiquette, so kaori can go on the path of servitude and humility and be a nice addition to a Master or Mistress. It is more easy for now to obey and think for the Superior and other before, betters s.he enjoyed it. s.he sound more elegant and devote when s.he write in the house.

Sure it still again nature, but with time it will be the way kaori write and speak. It a day and days struggle and mistake will happen but with pratice it will be perfect.

This sissy will like to thank the Superior of the house for reading this report and grade it, whatever the result it may be. s.he really hope that They would enjoy it and that it can help the house and other sisters.

Amicallement, votre petite sissy, kaori.



  1. This is a model submission, kaori! You clearly understand the importance of etiquette as it relates to the development of proper sissy behavior and mindset. this sissy is very impressed.

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