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cindy-sissy | 01.05.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

Many thanks for Your lovely welcome message and given information.

After reading the first behavior details and servitude assignment, this sissy is really excited regarding the upcoming future. Of course it will take some time to learn and adopt basic behaviors but with a real commitment and daily training everything is possible.

To provide a first impression about Your new sissy cindy, a real picture has been attached to this assignment report. The long hair is real but the make-up and clothes were provided and done by a professional person in advance to the photo shooting session in Germany. Because of shyness and personal fears regarding the existing relationship and job, her feminine development was not deepened yet, unfortunately. However, the inner voice and heart is calling for a sissy servitude very strongly and she will follow the assignments as best she could. Her biggest wish is to bring in all future knowledge, sweet satin clothes and sissy behaviors into the relationship. Maybe this is possible with small steps and a daily association of related tasks like cooking and cleaning. Hopefully the age of 41 is not an issue to start with the development from scratch in general.

Some described basic exercises are in place now and the mobile phone alarm will send a friendly reminder each hour. This technical support could be very helpfully because sometimes her feminine mind is not fully focused. The personal focus of this sissy will be improved and tracked carefully, of course! One very important and upcoming task is to buy some fitting panties and related items for daily routines like shaving and skin care. It feels really great and totally right to prepare all things around the upcoming sissy life and following the philosophy: “Obsequious is the operative word for a sissy. Never give an opinion unless asked. Always anticipate any Woman’s needs or desires for assistance….”.

Many and lovely thanks for this chance and possibility!

This first exercise was very important, because the performed reflection of the personal situation, needs and future dependencies raised the awareness of upcoming changes a lot. The own motivation and willingness to follow each assignment and given instructions is the key for the successfully training. Each sissy is responsible for her own progress and training success, always.

Love and Kisses



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