Serve your Superior!
jaiymelynne | 12.01.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy understands that it is purpose in life to serve Mistress. S.he must be subservient to all Women in the world. Women are meant to be served and worshipped as the Superior beings that they are.

This sissy works with many Women on a daily basis, always striving to serve in even the smallest way. Bringing coffee or snacks, complementing on a lovely outfit or new hairstyle. This sissy always notices the changes because s.he is looking to find her own style and sees it in the Women s.he admires and worships. This sissy is skilled in all the areas of pleasing Mistress – s.he is a chef, s.he loves to clean and polish. S.he has been told many times that (as a ‘man’, (silly sissy, s.he knows s.hes not a man) that s.he has amazing hands for massage. Fellatio and cunnilingus are this sissy’s specialty.

This sissy wears panties under her boy clothes daily, and walks though the office in small steps, practicing for the day when s.he can sport heels and skirt confidently. This sissy has lived life always as a kind, giving, loving soul. It is what sets apart as a man. S.he is always obedient. Shaving has been done by this sissy, but only on the areas that can’t be seen, as of now. S.he is a hairy man, (s.he has always despised her hairy body) and it will take time for to take that journey. This sissy respects and worships Mistresses in the House, and welcomes any punishment for assingnments not completed.

S.he is honored to have been chosen. This sissy looks forward to next assignment.


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