oliviazna | 08.03.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Service is the ultimate goal of being a sissy, and furthermore, it should be considered a privilege to serve. To fully understand this, a good sissy must take time both embrace and focus on the process.

Simple life activities can help make a better sissy servant. These simple things, such as mentioned in the reading, can be used to reinforce a mindset which encourages service. Additionally, changing mannerisms is a must for any sissy which wants to succeed in service. This sissy is excited to start making changes in the way she walks, kneels, and sits. she is especially excited to start wearing her panties daily.

This sissy is also excited to start appreciating Women the way they deserve and not the way the sissy has unknowingly treated them out of ignorance. This sissy feels apprehensive about maintaining her femininity constantly as it is such a vulnerable feeling, but she still feels excited about it. Finally, this sissy is ready to understand Women as her betters, knowing that they are worthy of admiration and servitude. This sissy looks forward to serving all Women and her Superiors.


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