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“You’re a Good Girl”

lindsey-2 | 01.26.2018 | Reports - Getting Real

Thru my online antics, i’ve met a few Real Men who appreciate me. Finally. A few good Men who are able to visit enough to keep me satisfied. i always meet at my house first. A predator usually wants a meeting on his home turf. Meeting somewhere without a homecourt advantage makes them think a bit..that maybe it isn’t safe. If they get out of hand at my home, they’re not safe! (just sayin’) A smart girl may have a weapon or two stashed in her bedroom, just in case things go sideways. Hope to God they never do, but a good girlscout is always prepared.

Anyway–He pulls in my driveway. He’s older, lean and tall. Salt n Pepper beard and hair. We chat a bit…..cuddle and talk. It’s obvious that he’s been neglected and is lonely. He’s not there for sex, necessarily. He wants someone to talk to about his deep, dark taboo desires to be with a tgirl. Lucky me–i can help with that! 🙂 Seriously—He’s so sweet. i’m nervous at meeting him. Always fill myself with doubt about how i look, how i present myself. Never want them to see me as a man in a dress…please anything but that. So, i go all out. 100% effort, every time. Prep takes about an hour and a half…can get it done in an hour—but it’s all business and i feel rushed. Like to take my time getting ready for a Real Man. It’s actually relaxing and erotic! A nice warm shower feels so good. Shaving everything so it’s silky smooth–fun. Putting on lotion to my legs, arms, face and other places. One of the things i’ve found is that Men find good Perfume to be hypnotic. Whenever a Man embraces me..and a lot of times will grab a handfull of my butt, pull me in close and smell me. i wait to hear his response.. if it’s “Uhmmmm i like what you’re wearing” “I Like the way you smell” Game Over. So….perfume goes wherever i think his nose will lead him.. Be it my sissy clit or my butt. i make sure he smells something nice down there. if He’s daring, He will find that i’ve cleaned myself Thoroughly and if he likes to taste what he’ll be putting his cock into—He will find it tastes like Strawberries. (Thank you flavored lube) Body ready…Face; All the usual suspects are there. Primer, Concealer, foundation, Rouge, Lipstick; i think the lips are one place that can make it or break it. Layering: its what i call it. We don’t want the lipstick to rub off while giving a blow job. Start with Matte Lip Stain. Sephora radiant orchid is my fave! This is very dark and i like a dark lip liner with a lighter color the matte base goes a gold/white lipstick made just for that effect (Watt’s Up) is what i use. But– i want those lips to shine like they’re uhm…covered in semen. lip gloss goes over the top–to the center of the lips only. Dark lip liner, reddish gold & shiney inset. Matching color (light purple) eyeshadow, ultradark purple shadow eyeliner. Black collar with diamond in the center. White dress/some color, Fishnet leggings. Blue Stiletto’s. So…there i am! decked to the nines and Mr Man pulls into my driveway. My Biggest fear is that he will take one look at me–get in his car and drive off! I greet Him at the door, making sure he’s not drunk or spun out. If He’s a good boy– i invite him in. There he is…standing in my living room. He’s looking me up and down… I don’t know what exactly to do when they’re doing that..IDK if they’re pleased…disgusted…or thinking whatever.. Smiling and asking him if He wants something to drink breaks the tension a bit. Standing in the kitchen..near the fridge..and He’s just staring at me.. And then it happens.. “Ravishing—You Look Absolutely Ravishing! Much better than I’d hoped for” and He steps forward, pulls me into him.. He’s big–my head rests on his chest and i breathe a Big sigh of relief! Yes! I meet his approval! Big hands…like twice the size of mine..and they’re calloused..running all over my back…grabbing my ass. God I Love that! Feels like i just put on a Warm Coat. Acceptance! He Wants Me! Yay!!!! This quickly escalates into me saying things like: “Want to see my bedroom?” “Would you please remove my heels and dress for me?’ (they love doing that) He was very appreciative of my oral talents and wasn’t afraid to say so. Afterward…He wanted to stay. Most men just want to leave and go on their merry way. This one is different. He’s Lonely… We crawl into the sheets and cuddle and just talk. He tells me his story and asks questions of me: How long have you been doing this? How many men? Why? This, That, the other ting. Totally honest..i tell him my entire life story.. Towards the end, He stops me and says: “You’re a Good Girl Lindsey–You’re a Good Girl”

Didn’t know what to do…except cry. That was about a week ago.


  1. ashleyanne

    Hi sissy lindsey, wonderful report! Such detail. This sissy can almost imagine being there. 🙂 This sissy agrees with Madame Stewart (as this sissy must) and thinks that a public area where you can size up the Man is probably a good idea. Crazy knowing where you live might end up being worse than knowing where crazy lives or crazy out in the wild. Loved your words and the pictures you painted. xox

  2. Madame Stewart

    Very nice lindsey. I will say however, it is even safer to have your first meeting at a place you can ditch em if they aren’t up to your standards or feel strange or weird. Unless you truly think you’re a commando-sissy, weirdness can know your address.

    However, your techniques at seduction are quite advanced honey! You keep being a good girl for your Men.

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