sissyyuki | 07.15.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

Thank you for the House to allow this sissy to express on (h)erself.

Since yuki was a child, yuki has sucked (h)er own cock.

The first time, it was when yuki’s friend told (h)er about fellatio. The word and its meaning aroused yuki a lot, and could not help but trying the act. Then, (s)he wondered, whose cock yuki suck. As yuki had no one to suck, (s)he decided to suck (h)er self. yuki tried, and the feeling (s)he got was indescribable. yuki became into sucking (h)er own at once.

Since then, yuki has loved suking (h)er small but delicious cock.

As now yuki controls (h)erself how many times (s)he masturbate, yuki cannot suck (h)er self freely as before, but always thinking about doing it.

Even during work. Of course in (h)er free time. How looks miserable and pathetic yuki sucks (h)er own cock.


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