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sissy hypnoWe realize that you girls need the most extreme measures possible to rid you of the last vestiges of your so called masculinity. Looking for a Superior to take away your choice and control your every action? To truly Force Feminize you?  This is your chance.

Only for Our most dedicated and devoted sissies – your thoughts will be as fresh and feminine as a Spring day, emerging in a much more pleasing  female form – both inside and out.

The House uses only the best hypnosis methods developed by exclusive Chinese and German scientists – coupled with the latest neurolinguistic, rapid eye sissy hypnosis movement technology available.

The habits of a lifetime are not easily erased and replaced, so it’s time to open up that pretty head of yours and let Us in! The boy in you won’t stand a chance – as the deeper you go the more amazing the results!

This is beyond mere Behaviour Modification – this is soul transformation girlfriend. Extreme? Evil? Perhaps, but We expect results and Our sissies are of the highest quality on the market. It is time to take your place amongst them – you little mindless bit of fluff.

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i think this is the best site on the internet and it is an invaluable resource for all sissys. it is an honor to support this site.

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An old favorite of this girls from the 1960s series Bewitched. Loved this series as a child. This girl first seen this segment at about age 5 and how she wished she could look and sing like Serena.


Oh, this sissy misses the day of gloves, hats, and seamed nylons!! Thank You staff for inspiring me to reach higher in my push to improve my sissy self.

sissy courtney

This sissy is looking forward to having her mind match her body!

vain carolin

Dear The Staff,

this sissy is impressed…the sissy thinks the combination of mind and body is crucial.
Only then will you become the true sissy who has her place in The House of Sissify!



This sissy just loves hypnosis, and watched a lot mtf and sissy hypno , before joining sissify.
Now this sissy will be happy watching all the videos on here,
Thank you so much.


This sissy loves the hypnosis.


I loved watching sissy tv. It makes this sissy so happy to be a sissy and to serve my Superiors. (Curtsy)


I’m in heaven ?


I would like to learn to be a girl


Watching made me want to be a girl remove my boy tendencies.