Feminization by Sissy Hypno!

We realize that you girls need the most extreme measures possible to rid you of the last vestiges of your so called masculinity. Looking for a Superior to take away your choice and control your every action? To truly Force Feminize you?  This is your chance.
Only for Our most dedicated and devoted sissies - your thoughts will be as fresh and feminine as a Spring day, emerging in a much more pleasing  female form - both inside and out.
The House uses only the best hypnosis methods developed by exclusive Chinese and German scientists - coupled with the latest neurolinguistic, rapid eye sissy hypnosis movement technology available. The habits of a lifetime are not easily erased and replaced, so it's time to open up that pretty head of yours and let Us in! The boy in you won't stand a chance - as the deeper you go the more amazing the results! This is beyond mere Behaviour Modification - this is soul transformation girlfriend. Extreme? Evil? Perhaps, but We expect results and Our sissies are of the highest quality on the market. It is time to take your place amongst them - you little mindless bit of fluff.
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As a trans woman this site has helped so so much to enforce in me confidence in my own femininity. The Staff, especially Madame Stewart has been so integral in helping to shape that confidence and build it up. When… Read more “erin”

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