Princess on Parade

princess evaline

Playful! Sassy!

Princess evaline pops into Spring with a girlish bounce every Sissify girl should have!

Such enthusiasm! We feel that evaline epitomizes the playful nature a sissy should imbibe. Not one to take her girlishness too seriously, evaline makes the Staff giggle every time We look at her album.

Are you watching the faeries dance?





discipline is the key to submission

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The House is there like a beacon in the darkness.  You have done, and are doing, so much for the community and this sissy is very grateful.

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sissy andrea
1 month ago

evaline made sis feel quite envyious in those beautiful frilly dress,s, s,he looked so cute just like the girlie sis would love too be

lana ros
2 years ago

Sinful spark and although beyond reality, everything feels as one. Really awesome!

4 years ago

This sissy absolutely adores that black button through dress and the way the petticoat froths through the front. And sweet thing you are deliciously effeminate in it.

mwah mwah,


pookie pookster
5 years ago

I just love the look!

julie marie
5 years ago

very cute evaline!