Amanda and Matt

It was a warm summers day. Amanda was on her way home from her job down town as an office clerk, when she first caught sight of Matt. Matt was everything she had been looking for in a man. Young, maybe in his early twenties, she figured, 6 feet tall and well built. Amanda could tell by the way he stood on the corner waiting for the light to change that he was her kind of guy.

Suddenly the light before her turned red. Amanda slammed on the brakes of her hot pink corvette, bringing the car to a screeching halt, just two feet the cross walk. Amanda turned her head towards Matt and smiled. She saw the young man peer into the car, that’s when she wondered if he could see past her long brown flowing hair, long lashes and 40 DD bust. Could he see that she was in fact, a man? She hoped not. She knew her feminine face, properly made up was erotically convincing. Her earth tone eye shadow, light blush, and deep red lipstick accentuating her pouty lips. A vision of her lips wrapped tightly around his cock flashed through her mind. God it made her hard.

Amanda wondered how she could introduce herself. She had been working hard on disguising her voice. She had developed quite a sexy husky English voice. The accent soft, London cocknee. Taking a deep breath & licking her lips to gloss the red lipstick she smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Amanda. What’s your name?”

Matt, startled because the woman he had been admiring had suddenly talked to him, found himself at a loss for words. He just stood there and looked at her with his mouth standing wide open. Quickly he tried to recover his composure.

“I said my name is Amanda, are you ok?” the lovely blonde said again. Matt took a moment to study the gorgeous woman before him. He right then and there decided that she was one of the most stunning woman he had ever encountered. He fantasized suddenly of putting his hard cock between her red, glossy lips and having her suck it until he exploded down her throat.

“My name is Matt, how are you today Amanda?”

Amanda smiled at him and answered, “I’m fine thank you, are you sure you are ok?”

“Yes I’m fine I just need something to drink I think.” Matt laughed

By now the light had turned green and people were starting to honk at the pink corvette. Amanda reached over and opened the passenger door.

“Well hurry up,” she said with an alluring English accent, “I can’t have you passing out on the street. Get in the car and we’ll get you a drink!”

Matt didn’t have to think twice, he hopped right into the corvette and slammed the door. As he slid into the seat he noticed Amanda’s large breasts and pictured himself fondling them. He felt himself get the beginnings of an erection. He placed his hand in his lap in an attempt to conceal his bulge. He noticed Amanda looking down in that general direction and he realized that he had been caught.

“So Matt, where shall we go to freshen you up?” Amanda asked turning to him. Her accent was driving him wild, he wanted her so badly. He decided to press his luck.

“We can go to my place,” he asked smoothly, “I have all sorts of cold drinks.” He then added, “Nobody will bother us there.”

Amanda smiled and said, “sure let’s go.” Matt gave her the directions as they sped to his apartment. A few minutes later Matt was unlocking the door to his apartment. He let her in and gave her the grand tour.

“It is kind of messy, but it’s home!” Matt suddenly changed the topic, “Amanda, you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life and I want you very badly.”

Apparently the direct approach worked because Amanda answered, “Mmmmmmm I was hoping you would say that.”

She pressed herself up against Matt as he wrapped his arms around her and started to kiss her passionately on the lips. She opened her mouth slightly to allow his tongue to explore. His hands clawed at her back and suddenly moved around to her front to fondle her huge breasts. Suddenly he stop as her realized that the breasts were not real. He thought that maybe she stuffed her bra. He slowly came to the realization as he felt along more that she was really a he! At first he was really upset. but nonetheless his dick was hard as a rock. He was turned on incredibly by this! Amanda visibly nervous at being caught, looked at him questionably. Matt considered for a moment and finally said, “What are you waiting for beautiful I want you to suck my cock!” Matt started to unzip his pants.

Amanda smiled, relieved Matt had taken her surprise so well. Running her long ruby nails softly across Matts cheek, she traced his form down his torso, until she wrapped her fingers firmly around his Manhood. It throbbed in her hand. Amanda stroked her hand back and forth taking in its grandure. A small drop of precum formed in the end. Amanda smiled at Matt as she knelt before him and licked the precum out, expertly, with her long wet tongue. God he tasted good. It had been to long since she had any other man to satisfy her needs.

Amanda circled the head of his cock with her tongue. Then slowly traced a up and down his shaft, licking his love like an ice cream cone. Matt watched with erotic fervor as his cock disappeared between Amanda’s ruby lips. Her mouth was hot and wet, as it passed slickly over his tool. Amanda bobbed her head back and forth taking it as far as she could, until finally she glided it down her velvet throat. Matt couldn’t believe how electric that felt! It sent waves of pleasure racing into his ever tightening balls.

Amanda wanted to taste Matt’s hot jism splash against the back of her throat. She had always loved that salty cream of mushroom soup taste that only a good mouthful of hot cum had. But not yet. Amanda pulled Matt from between her lips and stood. Slowly, she undid her blouse as she backed a just far enough away that Matt could see all of her at once. Amanda undid the last button, and let the blouse slip open revealing the black lace bra beneath. Matt was amazed to see natural cleavage! Somehow, Amanda had pushed the sides of her chest togeather to form cleavage! The rest of the bra was stuffed with some sort of skin colored liquid filled rubber sack. For the most part, her tits looked perfectly normal.

“I like to keep it on. It makes me feel so much more like a natural woman.” Amanda said running her fingers across the filled out lace cups.

With a smile she reached down and unfastened the side of her skirt, letting it fall gently to the floor. Matt worked his tool as he studied the sheer black stockings, inlaid with lace roses, that hugged Amanda’s long shapely legs. He followed her curves up to her ample feminine ass. Amanda was bigger in the hips than most men, and this gave her a distinct feminine frame. Amanda wore a pair of high cut black lace panties that hugged her sexy behind. Matt stood amazed at the bulge that pressed hard against them trying to escape.

Matt could not believe how hot Amanda looked after she removed her skirt. His eyes kept glancing at the bulge in her panties. He had never had sex before with a transvestite and wasn’t quite sure what to do next. After a second’s hesitation he decided to just let himself go and do what came naturally. He moved a hand to Amanda’s suprisingly feminine ass and began to lightly stroke it through the fabric of the panties.

Amanda let out a slight gasp that let Matt know that what he was doing was getting her just as excited as he was. He stopped touching her momentarily and quickly removed his shirt, pants, underwear, and shoes so that he was completely naked before her. She glanced his body up and down and smiled. Matt then resumed his fondling of Amanda’s beautiful ass. He got on his knees and began to kiss rounded cheeks through the fabric. His hands wandered up and down her shapely legs. He began suddenly to remove her panties and lower them down her legs. Matt knew that Amanda’s erect cock was now free, but he didn’t even see it because he was to preoccupied with kissing her ass and rubbing her legs. He decided he could contain himself no longer.

He looked up at Amanda and whispered huskily, “Remove your stockings Amanda, I want to watch you do it.”

Amanda reached down and slid the stockings slowly off her legs, first the left then the right. Matt was getting even more turned on by the sight. He had to have her right then and there. Matt quickly stood up. Amanda looked at him questioningly and she was answered by Matt turning her around and bending her over the table. “I want you so bad Amanda,” he moaned passionately.

Amanda looked back at him with her pretty eyes, “Yes Matt I need your cock in me!” Matt reached into the cabinet and grabbed the Vaseline he sometimes used on those lonely nights when he dreamed of such encounters. He applied some on his fingers and rubbed it quickly on his glistening cock. He shuddered at the touch, Amanda had brought him so close earlier with her expert cock-sucking. He then gently slid his finger into her tight asshole. Amanda groaned at the sudden intrusion, but soon relaxed her muscles. Matt slid his finger in and out of her beautiful hole and soon entered a second finger into her. Matt judged that she was ready. He placed his rock-hard dick at her entrance and slowly started to ease himself into her.

“OOOOOOOO” Amanda moaned feeling the head of Matt’s cock push into her. She could feel her muscles relax around his hard shaft as he pushed it all the way in, until his balls caressed hers. Matt began to rock his hips slowly back and forth. Amanda met his sways as the Vaseline heated within her, making her as slick as a natural woman.

“Oh god your so tight!” Matt moaned with silken ecstasy.

“That’s because your sooooooo big!”

Matt’s thrusts quickened. Amanda Stood with her ass pushed back pulling him against her soft back. Matt leaned forward and nibbled on Amanda’s neck. She squealed with delight. Amanda pulled herself off of Matt and led him by the hand to the bed. The two collapsed in passionate embrace onto the sheets. Amanda rolled Matt over onto his back and straddled his cock. Matt watched as his throbbing dick disappeared into Amanda’s tight ass. Amanda thrust herself up and down furiously, impaled on Matts rock hard cock.

“Oh God I love your cock in me.” Amanda moaned. “Fuck ME!!!!”

Matt saw her hand had slipped around front and was playing with her erect cock. She pumped it furiously, the feel of Matts hardness sliding in her velvet shoot making her tingle with orgasm.

“Don’t cum yet.” Matt said pulling her back to the sheets and sliding up between her legs. Amanda through her long legs into the air and spread them wide, exposing her bright pink hole. She worked her cock as Matt slid himself back inside her. Amanda wrapped her legs around his waist taking Matt all the way in. Matt pumped furiously, climbing closer and closer.

Matt continued to pump into Amanda’s hot little hole. Amanda groaned and bucked beneath him, crying out his name. Matt’s cock throbbed with passion and was ready to explode deep within Amanda. Matt’s thrusting body was at the same time caressing Amanda’s hard shaft. They were both ready to cum, but Matt wanted it to last a little longer. His strong arms wrapped around Amanda and lifted her off of the bed. Amanda’s shapely legs remained wrapped around Matt as he carried her to the balcony of his apartment. Matt laid her on the soft blanket he often used for sunbathing and resumed to impale her wet, velvet hole.

“Oh god baby, I think I am gonna cum soon.” Matt whispered into Amanda’s ear.

“Ooooooo Fuck me harder! I want to feel you burst deep inside me!” Amanda cried aloud, clutching her own cock, pumping furiously.

The bright summer’s day had turned dark with ominous clouds gathering above. A few fat, warm raindrops had started to fall onto Matt and Amanda. Matt’s rod slid as deep as it could go into Amanda and pulled back, only to thrust in again and again. Matt felt his breathing go raspy and Amanda sensed that Matt was about to burst. She raised her legs straight up into the air and Matt buried his cock deep into her asshole. Up above a thunderclap sounded and suddenly torrents of warm rain began to pound down onto the two lovers. Just as the rain began to pelt his back, Matt exploded his hot cum deep within Amanda’s tight hole!

Amanda could feel the hot cum flow within her, hot and slick. Amanda screamed loudly as she began too spurt her white thick cum. The warm, thick liquid drenched Matt and Amanda’s stomach and chest, but soon washed away with the pouring rain. Matt and Amanda clutched each other as the powerful tides of their mutual orgasms ebbed away. The two kissed passionately, neither wanting the moment to end.

The end


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The unworthy apprentice sissy writing this has written You many times asking for help. You have always made he.r life better. The House has been the very foundation of he.r life. Thank You again for Your efforts.*curtsey*.

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