My Pretty Girl

Weekend Sex Slave

by Michelle Johnson

Friday Night

It was a particularly hectic week with both my wife and I running errands and attending meetings after work each night. I was greatly relieved when Friday rolled around and we could relax for a couple of days before it started again. I had gotten home before my wife and started cleaning up around the house. We had planned for having company on Saturday and knew she would appreciate the help. She looked exhausted when she got home and I offered to make her a Bloody Mary. She plopped down in the couch and started sipping her drink when a mischievous smile came across her face. She asked me to come over to the sofa and said “Show your mistress your panties and bra”.

I smiled as I dropped my jeans to show off the pink satin and lace panties I was wearing.

“Now lift up your shirt and show me your bra, slave girl” she demanded.

I hesitated and told her that I was not wearing a bra.

“Well, go up stairs and get one on” she commanded with a smile and a laugh. “Show your mistress how obedient you can be, why don’t you slip into a nightie and soften your lips with some lipstick while you are at it” she added as I was going up the stairs.

I was extremely excited from the way she was playing with me. After I had changed and applied the lipstick, I went down stairs where she was waiting with a camera. Before I knew it she had snapped off a picture. “That’s one for Jennifer’s scrap book” she giggled. “It took you long enough, now bring me a glass of water” she barked as she sat back down on the sofa. While I was upstairs preparing for her, she had removed her pantyhose and panties so that when I brought her the water she was ready.

She told me to kneel in front of her and hand her the water. As she drank down the water, she spread her legs apart, revealing her wet and musty pussy. She leaned forward, placed the glass on the table behind me, ran her fingers through my hair, and said “Tell me how much you love being my pretty girl” as she cupped her hands behind my head.

“I love being your pretty girl” I said submissively, “I love to dress pretty up soft and silky and pretty for you, mistress” I continued.

“Lick my pussy, slave girl” she demanded as she pulled my face forward and pushed my lips to hers. I started licking and sucking at her warm wet lips, sliding my tongue up and down her slick opening. She arched her back and slid her hips forward as I plunged my tongue deeper inside her briny opening. I slowly worked my way up to her clit and started a firm flicking motion on her love button. She moaned and started playing with her nipples. The pressure within her loins built as she continued to moan and started saying how she was going to cum. When she came she grabbed my head and ground her pussy into my face as I slid my tongue in as deep as I could.

When she regained her composure she said “You are such a good and obedient girl I will forget that your weren’t wearing your bra when I came home.” “In fact, I am going to reward you with something special tonight” she added.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch, watching a movie under a blanket. She would occasionally stroke my love handle through my panties just to keep me hard and aching for more attention. When the movie was over, she said it was time for my special treat.

She led me upstairs and told me to get a towel, nail polish, and the other things necessary for polishing mistress’ toe nails. When I had gotten everything together, she told me that it was Jennifer that was going to get her nails polished. She had me place the foam toe spreader between each of my toes and proceeded to paint each toe nail.

“This will look so cute under your stockings” she said with a big grin. “Tell mistress how you love being pretty and feminine for her” she demanded.

I was as hard as a rock, pre-cum was starting to make a wet spot on my panties and she could tell. “I love being pretty for you mistress” I submitted, “I want to be your pretty girl, I want to be your feminine and soft slave girl ” I repeated. I felt so horny as the nail polish was drying on my toe nails, reciting how much I loved being subservient.

Mistress knew that I would do anything to get her permission to orgasm. “You wait right here, Jennifer” she said as she went downstairs. She came back up stairs, went into the closet and quickly wrapped a blind fold around my eyes. With me sight gone, she laid me on my back and started stroking my love handle again. She pulled the panties down, pushed up my bra and nightie, and started sucking on my nipples as she continued to stroke my swollen handle.

“Is my girl ready for her treat? Is she ready to cum?” she asked. “Yes, Yes!” I exclaimed. She was slow and deliberate in the way she was stroking me. My hips started to move with her strokes as I neared orgasm. I felt something cool on the head of my love handle and erupted in a tremendous orgasm. My hips kept pumping as wave after wave of pleasure went through me.

“Sit up girl” Mistress said sharply. “You must be thirsty after all that heavy breathing” she asked. “Here” she said as she placed a cup to my lips.

I expected the cool feeling of water but got taste of something hot and creamy instead.

She giggled and tilted the cup higher to drain its contents into my awaiting mouth. “Swallow like a pretty girl” she commanded.

I had no choice and quickly swallowed everything she had given me. She took off the blind fold and gave me a big kiss. “Tell your mistress how much you liked that” she demanded. “You are going to learn to love getting a mouthful, just like you love to wear panties” she said with a grin. “Now get ready for bed”.


We awoke together cuddled in bed with my love handle in its normal rock hard state. Mistress, reached over and gently gave it a squeeze. “Assume the position slave girl” she cooed.

I rolled over on to my back to give mistress full access. She pulled my panties down and pushed up my nightie and bra as she did the night before. I was in heaven as she started sucking my nipples. “Jennifer loves having her tits sucked doesn’t she?” mistress asked.

“Oh Yes, mistress, I love having my tits sucked” I immediately responded. “Please suck my tits for me” I begged.

She sucked and sucked as she kept working my love handle with slow firm strokes. She raised her head from my chest and asked if I wanted to cum.

“Oh yes, please let me cum mistress” I begged. She giggled and reached for the small espresso cup she had used the night before on me. “Don’t worry girl, I rinsed your little cup out for you last night. Its good and ready for you to enjoy what you know you love” She said with a big smile on her face. “Lets see you cum big for your mistress this morning”

I could not stand the pressure, I exploded and shot several spurts into the cup as she held it over my stomach. She squeezed out the last drop and put the cup to my lips. I opened my mouth and shut my eyes as she tipped the cup upside down, draining it into my dry mouth. “savor it, it tastes so good” she said.

I just laid there exhausted. “Get up and get some coffee going” she said as she started the shower.

I made the coffee and brought her up a mug. “Your turn” she said as she emerged form the shower. When I stepped out of the shower, she gave me a big wet kiss and told me how cute my feet looked. “When your done in here, I laid out your undies for the day” she said, walking into the bedroom. I peered through the door and saw a pale yellow bra and panties, with a pair of white tights draped across the end of the bed.

The rest of the day was spent as normal with my feminine attire neatly hidden under my sweatshirt and jeans. Just before company was to arrive, she told me that I was to go braless for the evening. I was somewhat relieved, I am always conscious of the possibility that some one may notice that I have a bra on. Normally, it can be a real turn on, but other times I dread it. The night was very enjoyable with our friends and it was late when they left. We went upstairs to get ready for bed. I was ready in my green nightie with tap pants when mistress asked me to get her a glass of water.

When I returned upstairs, she was lying on her stomach with her ass propped up on a pillow. “Suck my ass for me, pretty girl” mistress commanded.

I placed the glass on the night stand and went to work gently massaging her ass cheeks and lower back. I spread her cheeks and started licking up and down. Slowly I worked my tongue down to her sweet little hole and firmly plunged my tongue in and out and around her hot lovely orifice. She moaned and told me how good it felt. I continued to tongue her hot, sweet ass and began to finger her swollen lips and clit. She moaned with my touch. “Suck my clit” she commanded. I moved my face down and slid my tongue up to her hot love button. It was almost no time until she came in a shuddering orgasm. As we were getting into bed, mistress produced the espresso cup.

“Is my girl ready for an orgasm?” she asked devilishly. I begged mistress not to make me use the cup. “Then I guess you don’t want to cum, do you?” she replied. She placed the cup on the night stand, smiled widely and said “When you are ready, it is here for you”.


I awoke Sunday Morning with a raging hard on. I slowly started stroking my self hoping that mistress would not notice. I had to relieve the pressure that had built up inside me. “Already at it” she said, startling me. She reached across and grabbed the cup from the night stand. “Would you like me to hold it for you?” she asked.

“Please mistress, don’t make me use it” I begged.

She grinned and replied “You know you have to obey your mistress. Do you need me to spell out the rules for you. If you want to cum, you will use your cute little cup. You are going to keep it clean and ready to use at all times. Is that understood.” “Maybe you need to write up your house rules today” she added.

“Yes Mistress” I replied as I kept pumping myself. Mistress placed the cup in position and it did not take long for me to spill my load into it. As before, she brought the cup to my lips and made me swallow the warm sticky contents. “You are learning to like this, aren’t you” she giggled.

After the morning shower, she laid out matching pale blue panties, bra, garter belt, with white seamed stockings, a lacy white slip, and a dress for me to wear for the morning. After getting dressed, she helped me apply a full coat of make up. I had to wear foundation, lipstick, blush, mascara, eye shadow and liner. She used a little gel and slicked my hair back before adding a string of pearls. She told me how good I looked and suggested that I put on my heels and start making breakfast. While making breakfast, she sneaked another picture for Jennifer’s scrap book, and told me that I would have to pose for some after she was done with breakfast.

When the dishes were put away, she started telling me how I was going to pose, how I was going to have a big pretty smile on my face, and how I was going to love having my picture taken. As she started taking pictures, she told me to lift up my dress and show off my ass. She took several “cheesecake” shots. I was incredibly horny from all the action. After the photo shoot, mistress brought me upstairs to give her a massage.

The massage ended up the with me sucking her ass and pussy until she came in a huge orgasm. Again, she produced the espresso cup and asked if I was ready for another mouthful. I begged her not to make me and she said that it was time for me to write up my house rules. She made me type on the computer:

I will wear panties every day.

I will wear nighties every night to bed.

I will keep my toe nails polished.

I will wear bras and stockings or pantyhose on the weekends.

I will wear dresses or skirts and blouses when ever mistress desires.

I will wear make up with a smile.

I will always use my cum cup so as not to make a mess.

I will always obey my mistress without question.

Then she made me print it out and sign it ‘I want to be a pretty girl all the time, Jennifer‘.

I was so hard I was going to explode and she knew it. She handed me the cup and said “You know what to do”.

I lifted up my dress, pulled my panties down and started milking my love handle. I quickly came, spurting into the cup. I looked up at Mistress.

“You know the rules, girl” she giggled.

I brought the cup to my lips and drank down every drop. She gave me a big wet kiss and told me to change into regular clothes. I was so good we were going shopping for more pretty ladies wear.

After “The Weekend”, my wife seemed to enjoy using her Mistress powers over me. She was more firm and demanding, she no longer allowed day to day relaxation of my house rules.

I loved every minute of it, the way it pleased her to command me and humiliate me was a constant turn on. Mistress became very strict with my dress code, “I did not buy you bras and panties to sit in the drawer” she would explain. “You agreed to the house rules as a willing slave girl” she would point out holding the signed sheet. It read: I will wear panties every day. I will wear nighties every night to bed. I will keep my toe nails polished. I will wear bras and stockings or pantyhose on the weekends. I will wear dresses or skirts and blouses when ever mistress desires. I will wear make up with a smile. I will always use my cum cup so as not to make a mess. I will always obey my mistress without question. She was right, I had signed the house rules and I had to obey every rule without exception.

One Saturday, Mistress decided that we should take a look at what pretty clothes I own and which ones I needed for a complete wardrobe. “Since we have some house rules and I expect you to follow them at all times, I must fulfill my duties as a good Mistress and make sure you have what you need” she said.

She had me empty out my panty drawer and count up all of my lingerie. “Just as I thought, you have many more panties than you have bras, Jennifer. We will have to get you some more matching sets” She decided that I needed one or two more nighties and several pairs of stockings or pantyhose. “We will get your lingerie under control before we start looking at you outer wear, I’m sure you could use another dress and some feminine work out clothes” she added.

As I was starting to put all of my lingerie back into the drawer mistress commented that I had too much pretty underwear for just one drawer. She opened the drawer that I keep my normal socks and underwear in.

“This drawer is full as well…How are we going to make room for all of the pretty things you need for around the house, girl?” she asked. I just sat there on the floor and before I could say anything she answered for me.

She held up a pair of my jockey shorts and said “You won’t be needing these any more. Put them all in a bag and give them to me. I will store them for you someplace safe”.

I started to argue with her, saying that there would be times that I would need my normal underwear, like doctor visits and the like. “Well, when you really need a pair you can ask me for one and I’ll decide if you’ll get a pair” she said firmly. “Besides, you know the rules, if you are wearing panties every day like a good slave girl these will just get in the way. Now give me every pair you have. This way I don’t need to keep checking on you” she continued. “This will free up my time to focus on your other training. You know you haven’t been wearing your bras like you should be and you still resist using your cup and cleaning up after yourself. This is going to be fixed” She added with a laugh.

I finished collecting all of my non-feminine underwear in a plastic bag for her and handed it to her. She was so sexy, she had a devilish grin on her face and was just radiating beauty. “Its time to give mistress her massage” she said.

I knew the routine well by now. I stripped down to my bra & panties, added a short nightie and prepared the guest bed for her massage. I laid out a towel, fluffed up the pillow for her head, and prepared another pillow for propping up her butt. I helped her out of her clothes, pulling off her sweater, unclasping her bra, pulling off her socks, and removing her sweat pants and panties. She told me to hand her the panties. She rubbed the moist fabric across my upper lip and nose.

She held the panties gently against my face and said “Take a deep breath through your nose. Doesn’t it smell wonderful?.

I obeyed and the scent was intoxicating. “It smells so good, Mistress” I replied. “I know how much you worship my pussy and long for its scent and taste. Now stick out your tongue and lick my panties” she commanded.

I followed her orders and proceeded to lick the crotch of her panties. “You will do anything for me won’t you?” she asked with a chuckle.

“Oh Yes, Mistress, I will do anything you ask” I said submissively. With that she laid on the bed, face down and I started her rub down. I slowly massaged lotion across her shoulders and arms before working my way down to her lower back and thighs. I worked over her thighs and calves and did a very thorough job on her feet. When I had finished her feet, she sighed and said “Do my ass pretty girl”. I immediately started massaging her cheeks and lower back. She started to part her legs more push her ass up in the air. I placed the other pillow under her to keep her ass high in the air. I started kissing her cheeks as I massaged them, slowly working my mouth to her crack. I started to lick up and down her crack while still massaging her cheeks. She was moaning with pleasure and told me what a good ass licker I am. I started working on her sweet puckered hole. Slowly pushing harder and harder on it with my tongue with each pass up and down. Soon I was poised on her hole, licking and sucking at it. She continued to moan and compliment her slave girl’s tongue talents. She quickly rolled over onto her back and pulled my face to her steamy wet pussy. She was so hot as I brought my lips to hers. I slowly started licking between her swollen lips, deeper and deeper, probing her musty wetness.

After spending a minute or two I worked my way up to her clitoris. Slowly suckling at first and then working into a rapid tongue flicking. She was moaning quite a bit by now and I new that she was on the verge of orgasm. I gently spread her lips wide apart with my hands as I continued to work her clit over with my tongue.

She came in no time, grabbing my head, forcing my face tight against her and squeezing me with her legs. I worked my tongue into her as deep as I could, while my nose was pushed up against her clitoris. She told me how wonderful it was as we cuddled. She made me repeat over and over how much I loved being her pretty girl, how much I loved eating pussy and ass, how I was going to be a very good girl and follow the house rules. She reached down and started stroking my love handle. I was in heaven, it felt so good. She told me to keep going as she placed my hand on my love handle. She then pulled the small ceramic cup from the night stand and positioned it to catch my soon to erupt cum. “Do you want to cum, Jennifer?” she asked giggling.

“Oh Yes, Mistress, please let me” I replied.

“You need to be more proficient with your cute little cup, slave girl” she said softly.

“Yes, Mistress, I will be” I told her.

“Let’s work on catching for now. I want you to make sure that every drop of your love finds its way to your cute little cup” She directed, smiling. “If you have been a very good girl, Jennifer, I may allow you not to swallow.”

That was all I needed, my hips began moving with the strokes and I quickly exploded. It took several moments for my breathing to return to normal. Mistress ran her fingers through my hair and told me how obedient and pretty I was.

The next morning, Mistress was ready for me as I emerged form the shower. After I dried off she helped me into a matching black satin & lace bra and panty set. She directed me to shave closely and apply a full set of make up.

“I want to see you all made up in your black satin dress and heels cooking waffles by nine” she said with a smile, grasping my head and pulling me close for a big wet kiss after her command.

I quickly shaved and applied foundation, blush, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, and lipstick. I slipped into black stockings and garter belt, my satin dress and 3 inch heels.

As I came down stairs to start breakfast, Mistress snapped another picture. She giggled and told me how pretty I was.

After breakfast, She ordered me onto the couch to cuddle with her and watch a cartoon, Reboot, that we had taped the day before. As we were watching she slowly moved her hands under my dress and across my satin panties. During the commercials she would start stroking my love handle. Normally I would fast forward through the commercials, but now I was ready to hit the half speed button. When the show returned she would stop stroking, but keep her hand gently squeezing me, keeping me hard. Each commercial she would bring me close to orgasm, just to stop as the show returned. She smiled at me and said “Does my slave girl need more than a commercial break to cum for her Mistress?”

“Please let me cum, Mistress” I begged. “Where is your cup, Jennifer?” She asked teasingly. “You know what you should do, don’t you”

“Yes, Mistress” I replied as I got up to retrieve my cup.

“That’s good, you got your little ‘espresso love’ cup.” she said sweetly and reached under my dress, pulled my panties aside and started stroking me firmly. It was not long before I spurt my love into my cup.

“That was excellent, Jennifer!” Mistress complemented me with a big grin. “You are picking up your training well. Let’s make sure you always catch yourself. Soon you will learn all of the things that pretty girls love to do”

The Training Continues

I could tell that my wife was starting to really get into her role as my dominant Mistress. She had played upon my fantasies and uncontrollable desire for frequent orgasms. She had gotten me to sign a list of house rules that dictated my subservience to her as Jennifer, her slave girl. She had me gather all of my normal underwear and give it to her for “safe keeping” because, as the house rules said, I would wear panties every day. Now that she was increasing the scope of our role playing and appearing to really enjoy it, I wondered if this was truly for the best. She had quite a collection of “sexy” Jennifer pictures hidden away somewhere, but had not even hinted about threatening me with exposure. I was enjoying the frequent sexual attention and subservient role playing, but was also aware that her dominance was no longer coaxed for play times.

It was a Tuesday evening and I was starting laundry when Mistress came home. I did not hear her as the washer was filling with water until she was right behind me. She grabbed me, gave me a big kiss, and felt for my bra. When her fingers stopped on the straps I knew she had found what she was looking for. “Good Girl, are we wearing our panties too?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said as I kissed her back.

“Starting the laundry I see, are you doing lights or darks?”

“Lights” I replied. She peered into the washer and saw several of my light pastel satin panties on top.

“You just don’t have enough lingerie, do you Jennifer? We need to go shopping tonight.” She said with an ear to ear grin.

The next thing I knew we were on our way to the local outlet mall. We walked into the lingerie shop and noticed that it was empty of customers with two young sales clerks talking near the register.

“How do these look, do you like them?” Mistress asked as she pointed to a satin & lace bra and panty set. The panties were a thong cut and I knew that I would be falling out of them all the time.

“I would like something fuller, for better coverage.” I asked.

About then, one of the sales girls walked up and asked if we needed any help. Mistress pointed to the set we were looking at and said we weren’t interested in thongs. The lady walked us over a couple of racks and pointed to a large selection. “Medium panties with a 35 or 36 C?” the sales girl asked.

“Oh no, we are looking for large panties with a 38A cup aren’t we” Mistress quickly replied looking towards me. The sales girl looked startled at first, stifled a laugh as her face started flush, and smiled at me. “OK, what color would you like?” She asked, trying to keep a straight face.

Mistress looked at me and said “Well, which ones do you think are sexy?”

It felt like I was blushing, I am sure that I was. “I am partial to the satin and lace in light pastels.” I eked out.

The sales lady pulled out three sets in Pink, light blue, and blush rose color.

“These will be perfect.” Mistress said, “What do you have in darker colors?” The sales lady walked us over to another rack. Both her and Mistress looked at me.

“Black, purple, or green.” I said.

The young lady searched through the rack and pulled out three sets. “Large & 38A in black, purple, and green satin & lace” She said as she handed them to me.

“How about some floral or those cute plaid prints?” Mistress added.

Next thing I knew, I had eight different bra and panty sets in my hands.

“We need some nighties to?” Mistress added.

“Are we still looking for large?” the sales clerk asked with a grin.

“Oh yes” Mistress said with a smile as she patted me on the butt. We picked out a white, knee length, short sleeved nightie with lace around the v- neck collar and arm holes, as well as a light blue camisole & tap panty set.

“Would you like anything more” the sales clerk asked looking directly at me.

“I think that is it” I said, somewhat embarrassed.

“I really think we need to get some stockings too” Mistress immediately interjected. We went through the stocking display for several minutes picking out a couple pairs of white and black, with a pair each of suntan and pink. After we had paid for the new addition to Jennifer’s wardrobe and were walking out of the store, the sales lady said “Those are going to look really cute” and started laughing.

“Please don’t make me do that again?” I asked.

“You will do exactly as I tell you, we have already established that!” Mistress said firmly. “Admit it, you enjoyed that didn’t you, Admit it”

“I felt so embarrassed” I complained.

“You were blushing the whole time” Mistress laughed, “You looked really cute, telling her what colors you wanted for your bra & panties”

Once home, she had me wash them and arrange them in my newly expanded panty drawers. “There you go girl, you won’t need to worry about mid-week panty washing now.” She giggled. “Try on your new white nightie and get into bed!” she ordered.

Once in bed, she pulled my pillow from under my head and used it to prop up her ass. She was lying on her back and pulled my face to her breast. I immediately started sucking and fondling her breasts. She kept telling me how well I was taking to my training and what a good slave girl I was. “You know what Jennifer loves to do most of all…eat pussy!” she said as she pushed my head down.

I positioned myself between her wide spread legs, my face even with her elevated mound, and started gently kissing the insides of her thighs. I slowly kissed my way to her sweet muskiness, gently parted her lips and sank my tongue deep inside of her. I was slowly licking up and down between her lips, pausing to suck gently on her love button. After a few minutes, I started to focus on her clit, flicking my tongue more rapidly over it. She was moaning loudly, saying “Just like that…Just like that…I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum!!” just before the powerful orgasm ripped through her. She wrapped her legs around my head and held me with her hands, grinding her pussy into my open mouth as her body spasmed.

Thursday evening she came home and said she had a surprise for her slave girl. “You have been doing so good I got you some new clothes” she said, handing me a shopping bag.

I took the bag and said, “Thank You Mistress” with a smile. I opened the bag and saw several sets of feminine work out clothes. There were sport bras and spandex pants and the like.

“You need to get more exercise. Get your tummy in shape.” she said while patting my stomach. “Jennifer needs to get her girlish looks back in line” she giggled.

I just stood there looking at the items she had bought me. “Well, put on a set and get to work. I expect 15 minutes on the rider and 10 minutes on the AB & back machine” she said firmly. I went upstairs and changed into a pink sport bra and matching pink spandex shorts. I had just started on the rider when Mistress walked in with a tube of pink lipstick. She told me to pucker up and spread the lipstick across my lips. “You are just too cute” she giggled.

Shortly she came back dressed for her exercise and started on the stair machine in front of me. We have a rider, a rowing machine, an AB & back machine, and a stair stepper crammed in one room. The stepper was directly in front of me and I was focused on her well rounded athletic ass. She was so beautiful and sexy, I was getting hard watching her. When my 15 minutes were up and I went to the AB & back machine, she noticed my apparent excitement. “Jennifer, you need to keep your mind on your exercise.” she scolded.

After exercise, she started dinner and I was relaxing on the couch, checking the weather for the next day, still dressed in my lady’s workout clothes and lipstick. I was still excited and it was totally obvious with the spandex shorts. After dinner, Mistress told me to strip off my shorts and lie on my back. She removed her clothes and straddled my face. “Get me good and wet” she commanded.

I started licking her as she reached for my love handle and started stroking it. She moved back and guided my love handle into her hot steamy pussy. “Now this is a rider” she giggled as she drove herself down onto my love handle. She started slowly riding up and down on me. It felt so good, it had been some time since she had allowed me inside her. She kept a slow deliberate rhythm and started playing with the hair sticking out form my sport bra. “Does Jennifer like this?” she asked playfully.

“Oh Yes Mistress!! This is the best!” I quickly replied

“Jennifer really likes this doesn’t she?”

“Oh Yes Mistress!!” I repeated.

“Well, Jennifer does not have permission to cum! Is that understood girl?!” she teased.

“Please mistress….Please” I begged.

“What will you do to cum, pretty girl” She asked, while still twirling the hair sticking out from my bra.

“What ever you desire Mistress” I answered submissively.

“If you cum, you will clean up your pretty little tits for me” She cooed.

“Clean up my tits?” I asked

“You know, remove all this hair. You don’t expect mistress to get hair in her mouth sucking your tits, do you? She demanded as she pushed up my bra and started sucking on my nipples.

This was all I could take and immediately exploded inside her. It was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. My hips were thrusting on there own and my vision became fuzzy as the waves of orgasm crashed over me. As I was cleaning up the dinner dishes and starting the dish washer I could hear Mistress upstairs running bath water.

When I went up to see, she had made a luxuriant bubble bath and told me to get in. The next thing I knew she had me shaved clean from my belly button to my chin. “You look so good clean shaven” she said. “See how models don’t have any body hair” she said as she open a magazine to an ad with a hairless chested male model. She was showing me a male model, but I knew that it was really for Jennifer to have smooth, hairless breasts. “Raise your arms for me” She said.

I lifted them up over my head and she started shaving my under arms. “You don’t need all this hair here either. It just gets in the way of your deodorant” She explained firmly.

When I finally got out of the bubble bath I was totally smooth from my waist to my head. Mistress handed me my new cami & tap pant nightie and told me to get in bed. The night finished like many other with Mistress orgasming on my tongue. But this night, Mistress rode me again, telling me how soft and pretty my tits were to suck on as I came.

More sissy training

A month and a half had passed with Jennifer working out three nights a week in her new sport bras, matching shorts, and lipstick. Panties were a daily must and without choice, since Mistress had taken all but Jennifer’s feminine underwear. Bras were to be added as soon as Jennifer returned home from work. Mistress had been saying that it was soon to be time for the next round of wardrobe building. Jennifer had one dress, a black velvety party dress, knee length with an empire waist and long sleeves, as well as a gray skirt and white blouse. Jennifer had gotten them in the days before Mistress had made the house rules. Mistress would have Jennifer look through mail order catalogs and pick out dresses and outfits, knowing how excited it made her pretty slave girl.

It was Friday evening and Mistress had gotten home later than usual. I was starving, but did not want to start dinner until Mistress had arrived. When she got home she was carrying two large shopping bags from the local department stores. She set down the bags and gave me a deep kiss. “How is my pretty girl, tonight?” she asked with a smile.

“Hungry for dinner, I was going to grill some chicken.” I replied

“Before you do that, go upstairs and strip to your bra and panties!” Mistress Ordered.

I was upstairs and slipping off my slacks when she pulled a pink romper out of a shopping bag. She handed it to me and said “Put this on, pretty girl, and apply your make up for me!” She said with an ear to ear grin. “Wait until you see the pretty things I picked out for you!” She added, obviously enjoying herself. “Once you get dressed and made up, make me a bloody Mary, I will be grilling the chicken”

I stepped into the romper and slid my arms through the sleeves, snapping closed the front. It fit me well, although a little loose in the bust. I shaved closely and smoothed foundation on, following with pink lipstick, a light rose blush and eye shadow. I carefully applied mascara to my eyelashes and headed down stairs to make Mistress’ drink.

When I finished the drink she motioned me to bring it to her on the back patio. I hesitated, I did not want to go outside in the pink romper all made up, someone might see me. She kept motioning me to come out, she was trying to look mad, but was really trying to keep back the laughter. Finally she came inside, “Jennifer! Why didn’t you bring me my drink on the patio?” She demanded, smiling wickedly.

“I did not want to be seen like this, Mistress” I said softly, looking down.

“Well I can see why. Your legs are a mess and your hair is not very flattering to your feminine appearance. Give me my drink!” She said, taking the glass from my hand. She ran upstairs telling me to wait for her. As she came down the stair case I could tell she had something in her hand. It was a wig! It was a straight blond wig with a slight curl inward, about shoulder length.

“Here, put this on” She said smiling. I took it from her and tried to figure out where the front was. I slowly pulled it on over my head, working it snugly over my short hair. Mistress helped me position it straight.

“There, now you look much better Jennifer!” She said, now glowing with her smile. She was so beautiful, so masterful in her handling of me, I just melted with her commands. She took me by the hand and led me out the patio door. She cautiously looked around before bringing me out onto the porch. “See Jennifer, that isn’t so bad” She laughed. “Now go inside and finish making a salad for dinner.”

I came inside and prepared the rest of the dinner. As we sat at the table Mistress commented on how good I was taking my training and how good I looked for her. “You really do look pretty from this angle, girl” she said. After dinner she told me to start a bubble bath while she cleaned off the table.

The bath was just about ready when she came upstairs. I had laid out a towel and lotion and was getting ready to help her out of her clothes when she started pulling my romper open. “It’s your bath, Jennifer.” She said sliding the romper over my shoulders.

As soon as I was in the bath she reached down grabbed my left leg and told me to lift. “We are going to do something about your legs, pretty girl.” She said as she dispensed shaving cream down the length of my calf and thigh. She carefully spread the shaving cream over my leg and shaved me up to my mid thigh. “Now the other leg, girl.” She commanded, repeating the process. “Stand up so I can finish you” She ordered as she finished my right leg. She shaved me right up to my crotch and told me to finish washing myself. “Don’t mess up your make up, pretty girl.” she added as she walked from the bathroom.

I wiped the wash cloth over my arms, chest, and body, stepped out of the bath, dried off and applied lotion to my new smooth legs. She returned with a white garter belt and pink stockings. “Slip into these and back into your romper, slave girl. Your Mistress needs some tongue!” She said firmly.

I was putting my new clothes back on and touching up my lipstick as Mistress walked up behind me. She grabbed my ass and started massaging it. “Don’t you look pretty now? All made up in pink.” She asked.

“Yes Mistress, I look pretty in pink” I submitted.

“Pink is your color, a pretty feminine color for my soft sweet girl” She whispered in my ear, still massaging my ass. Her right hand left my ass as she whispered “You love being my soft and pretty little slave girl, don’t you?”

“Oh Yes, Mistress. I love being your pretty girl” I replied, getting harder my the second. Mistress had taken her hand and dipped her finger into her steamy pussy. She wiped her moist fragrant finger across my upper lip and nose.

“Smells good enough to eat doesn’t it, Jennifer?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. Please let me feast upon your nectar” I begged.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I helped her out of her clothes and took position between her wide spread legs. I started lapping her moist pussy, tonguing her swollen lips. I worked my tongue in and out of her steaming orifice for minutes. Now it was time to focus on her love button, I started licking up and down over her slit. Each time moving up to her clit and back down between her lips. Soon I moved my sole attention to her love button, sucking and licking in rapid firm strokes. It did not take her long to explode after that. Her body was shaking, her thighs locked on my head, and her hips thrusting so much that she pulled my wig off.

As she calmed down and I gently kissed her wetness, she noticed the wig and laughed. “Here Jennifer, let me help you back on with this. Whew, that was great” She smiled. “Does my pretty girl want to cum?” She asked.

“Yes Mistress! Please let me cum.” I begged “Please let me cum, I’ve been a good girl.”

“Does my girl want her Mistress to ride her?” She asked playfully.

“OH YES! Please ride me Mistress, please ride me!” I begged.

“Well, if my pretty girl wants her Mistress to ride her. She will have to get her love hole filled. Ladies like getting filled, that is why Mistress is willing to ride you. You are going to learn how good it feels to have your love hole filled” She said in a matter of fact way as she got up and went over to the shopping bags. “Get out of your romper and take you panties off” She ordered as she pulled a small paper sack from the large bag.

She produced a red jelly butt plug, about three inches long, tapered at one end, a thick spot in the middle, and tapered down again before expanding to a flat base. “Look at your new love toy, Slave girl! Let’s go wash it and get you ready for it!” She walked in the bathroom and I did not know what to do. It didn’t look that big. I didn’t know if it would hurt or really feel good, I just stood there in my garter belt, stockings, bra and wig.

Mistress came back from the bathroom with the plug and a tube of KY. “On your tummy, on the bed, slave girl! This is going to be fun!” She placed a pillow under me to prop up my ass, the same way I prop up her ass to give her a good ass sucking. “Spread your legs, Jennifer” She giggled as she pushed my thighs further apart. She dripped a dab of KY directly on my nervous love hole. “Just relax girl, Mistress isn’t going to hurt you” she said as she started working the toy around my rim. She slid it around and around, slowly putting more and more pressure on my love hole with each round.” There, that feels good. Doesn’t it girl?”

“Yes Mistress” I replied.

“My pretty girl still wants to give her Mistress a ride?” She asked.

“Yes Mistress, I would love to give you a ride”

“My pretty girl wants to have her love hole filled?” She asked toying with me.

“Yes Mistress, fill me” I said as she pushed a little harder. My love hole was now being parted by the thick middle of the toy.

“Where does my girl want it?” She toyed some more.

“Please fill my love hole Mistress” I begged as she pushed a little harder. The toy was in past the middle and my love hole pulled it in up to the base.

“That’s a good girl. You are ready to give your Mistress a ride now. She laughed rolling me over onto my back. She impaled herself on me and started a rhythmic rocking motion. I couldn’t stand the pleasure of her hot tightness bobbing up and down on my love handle as the toy was filling me from behind. I came in a tremendous orgasm, almost blacking out as my vision narrowed and my head reeled. “Jennifer liked that, didn’t she?” Mistress asked, smiling.

“Oh Yes Mistress. It was so good” I told her.

“Well, Jennifer will just have to be filled before she cums from now on! Won’t she?” She asked firmly.

“Not from now on, not all the time, Mistress. Please no.” I begged, “Please don’t make me do this before I can cum” I pleaded.

“Oh Yes!” She said immediately. “Pretty girls like being filled and you’re going to be a good pretty girl. You are going to take it in your love hole if you want to have an orgasm, slave girl, and that is final!” She demanded, “Now roll over and let me remove your new pleasure toy.”

I rolled over on my tummy as she pulled the toy from me. It actually hurt a little as the wide part came through. “Ow” I whimpered.

“Don’t worry Jennifer, You’ll get used to it and then some, my soft pretty little girl” She said softly gently massaging my cheeks and giving me a little pat. “Wash you face and get into your nightie, It is time for bed, pretty girl”

to be continued…

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